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Dr. Stuart Waugh, Research Scientist Waugh

Dr.  Stuart Waugh  is a Research Scientist at the CCWT. He received his M.S. (2008) and Ph.D. (2015) degrees in marine chemistry from the   School for Marine & Atmospheric Sciences  at Stony Brook University. His dissertation entitled “Net N 2 fluxes in muddy sediments of Great Peconic Bay: rates, pathways and controls” investigated the sedimentary production of NH 4 + and its loss from the sediments as N 2 gas as well as the natural and anthropogenic controls on these processes. At CCWT, Dr. Wuagh’s   research  is directed at understanding how septic systems transform fixed nitrogen (NH 4 +, organic N) into reactive forms (NO 3 -, NO 2 - and N 2O) and inert gas (N 2) and the efficiency with which alternate systems accomplish these processes.