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About Us

Long Island's environment and economy are severely threatened by rapidly declining water quality and new solutions are needed to effectively address this problem.  Existing technology is currently incapable of reversing this trend as complex and fragmented market conditions have stymied advances in innovation for decades.

The Center for Clean Water Technology is designed to bridge these science and technology gaps through a unique approach; facilitating concerted efforts between university and research institutions, regulatory agencies and private sector resources.

Funded by New York State with support from Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Center’s focus is three-fold:

  1. Focus on strategic research to inform refinements to existing technology
  2. Develop novel and affordable approaches for nutrient and contaminant removal or reuse.
  3. Develop collaborations to propel existing businesses, and inspire and support entrepreneurship   

A central premise of the Center is the recognition that water quality degradation is a problem that is prevalent nationwide and in communities across the globe, making the scientific and technology advancements that result from its collaborations marketable to other areas.

In addition to developing solutions for the region’s pressing environmental crisis, the Center is dedicated to attracting industry support to the area, further positioning New York as a leading hub for water technology development.