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Partners & Collaborators

Many of the CCWT's goals center around partnering/collaborating with  businesses, government agencies, municipalities, and NGOs who share  our vision of protecting our ground and surface waters.  We look to  businesses, water purveyors, I/A OWTS manufacturers, engineering and  architectural firms, equipment vendors, system installers, material  suppliers, and operation and maintenance service providers to explore  synergistic relationships.

Please contact Mr. Frank M. Russo, P.E. at to explore collaborative opportunities related to wastewater.

Please contact Dr. Arjun Venkatesan at to explore collaborative opportunities related to drinking water. 


Current Partners


  TNC    CCE


  Bloomberg   Rauch   NPT

Private Sector

Trojan   Roman Stone   Aclarity   

Research Institutions & Labs

BNL   Fermilab   MASSTC   NEWT   URI   Gobler   CCE

Contractors & Engineers

Cameron   H2M   Hazen    Nugent    PWG   Roanoke    Roux    Excav

Government & Municipalities

Indian Health Services   DEC   NYS Department of Health   Riverhead   Shinnecock   Springs School    SC    SCWA   Brookhaven   Easthampton   Southampton  

DOE  EPA   Patchogue    Westhampton