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Faculty Mentors

If you are interested in working with a Stony Brook faculty mentor who is not listed below, please email

Participating Mentor and Department

Nature of Research Activity

Gary Halada   Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

Creating stable metal nanoparticle catalysts with bio- and printed materials; nanostructures in additive manufacturing; electrosynthesis.  Project Focus: Energy and environmental applications of nanotechnology

Jason Trelewicz   Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

Using nanoindentation to study shear delocalization in metallic glass matrix composites.  Project Focus: Energy applications of nanotechnology

Amy Marschilok and Esther Takeuchi ​ Materials Science; Chemistry; Advanced Energy Center

Enhancing battery design with nanoscale catalysts.  Project Focus:  Energy applications of nanotechnology

Karen Chen-Wiegart ​  Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

Functional Porous Metals and Alloys and Bicontinous Metallic Composites.  Project Focus:  Energy applications of nanotechnology

Taejin Kim ​  Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

Development of nanoscale catalytic materials for hydrocarbon reactiosn and recycling.  Project Focus:  Energy and environmental applications of nanotechnology

M. Ete Chan  Biomedical Engineering

The role of micro to nanoscale mechanotransduction on cancer cell growth.  Project Focus:  Health applications of nanotechnology

Miriam Rafailovich – Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

The influence of nanostructured substrates on protein folding and stem cell differentiation.  Project Focus: Health applications of nanotechnology

Thomas S. Woodson – Technology and Society

Global nanotechnology policy, job creation, medical applications of nanotechnology and nanotechnology waste.  Project Focus: Societal and health implications of nanotechnology