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The Engineered Metallic Nanostructures Laboratory at Stony Brook University explores the science of interface engineered alloys with particular emphasis on high-strength and radiation-tolerant nanomaterials for extreme environment applications.  Research couples in situ and analytical characterization tools with large-scale atomistic simulations to understand thermal stability, mechanical behavior, and radiation tolerance of grain boundary engineered nanocrystalline alloys, crystalline-amorphous nanolaminates, metallic glass matrix composites, and other unique hierarchical metallic structures.  These novel materials are synthesized through electroforming, sputter and pulsed laser deposition, spark plasma sintering, and additive spray manufacturing techniques.  Group members conduct research at the Center for Functional Nanomaterials at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories, the Advanced Energy Center at Stony Brook University, and the Institute for Advanced Computational Science. We gratefully acknowledge support from the National Science Foundation through the Division of Materials Research and the Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation Division and the Department of Energy Office of Fusion Energy Sciences Program.

Research Highlights

Professor Trelewicz discusses nanostructured metal alloys for fusion energy applications.  This work is supported by the Department of Energy Office of Fusion Energy Sciences.


Recent Publications

Bin's article "Design of Crystalline-Amorphous Nanolaminates Using Deformation Mechanism Maps" published in Acta Materialia

Streit's article "Softening due to Grain Boundary Cavity Formation and its Competition with Hardening in Helium Implanted Nanocrystalline Tungsten" published in Scientific Reports

Olivia's article "Solute Stabilization of Nanocrystalline Tungsten Against Abnormal Grain Growth" published in the Journal of Materials Research as an Invited Article

Yang's article "Stress-assisted Grain Growth in Nanocrystalline Metals: Grain Boundary Mediated Mechanisms and Stabilization through Alloying" published in Acta Materialia


News Highlights

EMNL's collaboration with Prof. Bruce Koel at Princeton featured on the University's homepage link

Brookhaven National Laboratory highlights EMNL's work on designing new metal alloys using engineered nanostructures link

EMNL’s research on solute-stabilized nanostructured tungsten alloys featured in MRS Bulletin link

Prof. Trelewicz recieves DOE Early Career Award on "Enhancing the Performance of Plasma-facing Materials Through Solute Stabilized Nanostructured Tungsten Alloys"  link

Prof. Trelewicz receives NSF CAREER Award on “Interface Engineered Amorphous Alloys for Thermoplastic Forming of Ductile Bulk Metallic Glasses”  link


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