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Bulk Ambient and High Temperature Mechanical Testing


At the heart of our mechanical testing suite lies an Instron 8872 for bulk uniaxial tension and compression measurements in compliance with ASTM standards. In addition, its servo-hydraulic actuator enables dynamic testing for fatigue measurements and its high temperature furnace enables bulk materials testing up to 600C.

Instrumented Micro and Nanoindentation

Nano1 Nano2

A Bruker (Hysitron) TI980 Nanoindenter is the crown jewel of our mechanical testing suite due to its versatility as a fundamental research tool and high throughput static and dynamic testing capabilities. Its piezo-actuated rigid head enables instrumented indentation testing at loads of up to 3N, while the highly sensitive capacitive transducer enables indentation loads of up to 10mN in air with in-situ scanning probe imaging. The system's atmosphere is sealed within an Mbraun glovebox using inert gas, which enables testing of oxygen sensitive materials in addition to high temperature testing up to 600C when coupled with the XSOL heating stage.

Microhardness Testing


A Mitutoyo HV200 provides traditional optical microhardness measurements capabilities using a Vickers or Knoop diamond probe at loads ranging from 0.01kgF to 2kgF.