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Advanced Powder Metallurgy Techniques

Beryllium Handling and Hazardous Materials Preparation

Be1 Be2
Be6 Be7

A suite containing two nanoenclosures housing an 1800C furnace, a Labconco high volume fume hood, and two inert atmosphere gloveboxes enables hazardous materials processing and full compliance with Beryllium OSHA standards.

Mechanical Alloying

mill1 mill2

Two ball milling instruments, a Retsch PM100 planetary ball mill and EMAX high energy ball mill enables mechanical alloying and atomic and microstructural refinement of metallic powders, producing powder materials with equilibrium and/or metastable configurations yielding unique properties.

Direct Current/Field Assisted Sintering


A Sinterland LABOX-3010KF Field Assisted Sintering System enables high temperature consolidation of powders to produce fully-dense, bulk components while retaining or enhancing their structural characteristics.

Annealing, Hot and Cold Working

Roll1 Anneal1

An IRM 2360H rolling mill may be utilized for cold rolling or hot rolling up to 300C, while a suite of furnaces enables annealing in vacuum or selective gaseous environments up to 1600C.