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Combining electrochemistry, electron microscopy and diffraction to better understand the influence of process formed nano and microstructure on corrosion of 3D printed stainless steel: "Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Laser Additively Manufactured 316L Stainless Steel"


Student poster (2017): Interaction of Osteoblast-Like Cells with the Micro/Nano-Structure of Laser Additively Manufactured 316L Stainless Steel and its Implications for Biomedical Applications


New collaboration with Asta Skocir and Theanne Schirros of the SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC) to study the "geen" degradation and recycling of cellulosic materials.

News article on our recent work on understanding corrosion of 3D printed stainless steel funded by the US Office of Naval Research:


Latest Research Publications:

1. Unravelling the Formation Mechanism of a Hybrid Zr-Based Chemical Conversion Coating with Organic and Copper Compounds for Corrosion Inhibition

Xiaoyang Liu, Donald Vonk, Kim Kisslinger, Xiao Tong, Gary Halada, Stanislas Petrash, Kate Foster, and Yu-chen Karen Chen-Wiegart
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2021 13 (4), 5518-5528
DOI: 10.1021/acsami.0c19203
Cao, H.Z.; Yao, Y.; Halada, G.; Jung, H.J.; Kim, T, Sustainability 2021, 13, 2015. 
Michael Arthur Cuiffo, Jeffrey Snyder, Alicia M Elliott, Nicholas Romero, Sandhiya Kannan, Gary P Halada, Applied Sciences 7 (6), 579