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Clive Clayton

Leading Professor

Office: 234 Engineering Bldg. Stony Brook, NY
Phone: 631-632-9272




It has been the philosophy of Clive Clayton’s laboratory to utilize the powerful tools of surface science for the study of industrially relevant surfaces and interfaces. For this purpose he has developed a suit of surface spectrometers and an electrochemical analysis lab. Clayton is a Fellow of the Electrochemical Society and  has studied  the formation and nature of nanoscale protective films formed on a variety highly corrosion resistant crystalline and amorphous alloys. This work has involved surface modification studies using high and low energy ion implantation and ultra-fast laser ablation. His work  includes the development of protective conversion coatings on dupleted uranium, the fundamental mechanisms responsible for corrosion resistance in chromate conversion coatings on aluminum alloys, the environmental degradation of paints and polymer composite materials and the role of microbes on material degradation. He is currently  Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development and is partnering with corporate partners to develop new approaches to the design of sustainable composite materials for  the building industry in the developing world. Additionally, Clayton is the founder Director of the  SPIR (Strategic Partnership for Industril Resurgence)  program which has developed  more than high tech. 1700 projects with more than 230 companies since 1994. He is both a former department chair and associate Dean of Engineering.


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  • SERDP Project-of-the-Year Award for Weapons Systems and Platforms, 2015
  • Fellow, Electrochemical Society, 2004
  • Elected member Bohmische Physical Society 1983
  • Scientific Research Council Fellowship (UK) 1973-1976
  • Monbusho International Scientific Research Program Fellowship 1998


  • Ph.D. Materials Science, 1976, University of Surrey, UK.
  • B.Sc. (Hons).Materials Science, 1973, University of Surrey, UK.


  • Leading Professor, Materials Science and Engineering 12/00-present.
  • Director, Laboratory for Surface Analysis and Corrosion Science 1/78-present.
  • Director, Center for Advanced Technical Assistance. 1/94-present.
  • Assoc. Dean of Engineering (Research and Graduate Studies) 1/93- 12/97.
  • Chair, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, 1/91- 7/93.
  • Professor 9/89- 12/00 Associate Professor 9/82- 8/89.
  • Assistant Professor 9/78- 9/82.
  • Visiting Assistant Professor 6/77- 9/78

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