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Contact Information

Main Office

2401 Computer Science Building - Graduate School Suite
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4422
Tel: 631-632-1386
Fax: 631-982-7321

Contact Information Email Phone Number

Karian Wright
Interim Assistant Dean for Diversity & Inclusion, the Graduate School
Interim Director, Center for Inclusive Education 631-632-1384

Rosalia Davi
Diversity Outreach Coordinator 631-632-7041

Rosalia Davi
Interim Program Manager
Turner, GEMIMSD-MERGE and LSAMP-BD programs  631-632-1385

Lisa Ospitale
Program Coordinator 631-632-1485

Elizanne Warren-Russell
Program Coordinator 631-632-1387

Karian Wright
Program Manager
IRACDA NY-CAPS programs 631-632-1336