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AGEP-T FRAME Doctoral Fellowship

Doctoral Fellowship


- Established doctoral student seeking to enrich scientific training at a research-intensive institution
- Committed to a research career in a STEM field
- Seek to join the professoriate
- Committed to promoting diversity in the academy as a researcher-teacher-mentor
- Join research programs at SBU, BNL or both during FRAME Fellowship period
- Register through the Center for Inclusive Education
- US Citizen


Opportunities for AGEP-T FRAME Fellows:

  • Competitive seed grants to support their research.
  • Financial assistance to develop new research skills and new research collaborations by spending sabbatical time at other institutions throughout the United States or around the world, under the direction of their research advisors.
  • Conference travel support to present their research and develop new research networks.
  • Postdoctoral placement assistance through the BSA network, INCREASE consortium and professional societies.


Application Process:

AGEP-T FRAME Fellows are selected via competitive funding opportunities. Follow the links below for more information.

For more information on how to apply for AGEP-T FRAME, Please contact the Program Manager at

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The Stony Brook-Brookhaven AGEP Frontiers of Research and Academic Models of Excellence (FRAME) Alliance for Transformation is funded by the National Science Foundation under grant number 1311318

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