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AGEP-T FRAME Research Grants

Cindy Research Grant

AGEP-T FRAME Scholars are eligible to apply for up to $3,000 in competitive research grant funding to cover research-related expenses. Priority will be given to advanced doctoral students and the granting of funds is based on both academic rigor and the involved research. AGEP-T FRAME Research Grant funding is strictly supplementary and is not intended as a permanent funding source of the FRAME program.

The following types of funding are being offered:

Research Grant: Funding for research being tied to a specific, detailed project that is anticipated to serve as part of your dissertation/thesis/final research project. Research can be exploratory in nature but must be connected to your current plans for thesis and dissertation work.

Technical Skill Development: Funding for activities related to developing new research skills.

Research Network & Collaboration: Funding for activities related to developing collaborations by spending time at another institution throughout the United States or around the world, under research advisor direction.

Other Funding: We are open to considering other ideas related to research excellence. A detailed explanation is required.


Application Requirements

  1. Completed online application
  2. Two letters of support (one letter must be from your advisor)
  3. Detailed description and outline of your research
  4. Curriculum Vitae listing previous publications, abstracts, presentations, honors and awards
  5. Purpose statement detailing the following:
    • What new skill or research collaboration will you achieve and how it will benefit you, your research advisor and the project
    • Your career goals and how AGEP-T FRAME fits into your advancement
    • Your past service record and your commitment to diversity


In order to build the community of AGEP-T Scholars, award recipients may be required to serve as a presenter in one of our future Research Cafés or related events at the Center for Inclusive Education. 

For More Information Contact:

Karian Wright, Program Manager

(631) 632-1336



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