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Current Doctoral Fellows

kayode  Kayode Adebowale  Technology, Policy, and Innovation
  Benedette Benedette Adewale    Chemistry
  Azeez Azeez Aranmolate  Molecular and Cellular Biology 
alejandra  Alejandra Castano  Chemistry 
  Patricia Patricia Enmore   Neuroscience 
Pedro Fernandez  Peter Fernandez  Interdepartmental Anthropology 
Ramon Emilio Fernandez  R. Emilio Fernandez  Technology, Policy, and Innovation 
Kevin  Kevin Hauser  Chemistry  
  Jesse John Jesse John    Geosciences
crystal  Crystal Lewis   Inorganic Chemistry 
joe   Joe Matarlo  Biochemistry and Structural Biology 
Daphne  Daphne Meza  Biomedical Engineering 
  Carrie Carrie Mongle    Interdepartmental Anthropology
  ariel Ariel Negron 


  Allison  Allison Nesbitt   Interdepartmental Anthropology
  Celest Celest Okoli 

Materials Science and Engineering

  Jason  Jason Quinones  Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology 
  mel Melissa Sims Geosciences 
  Lyl  Lyl Tomlinson  Neuroscience
  steve  Steve Tsotras

Biochemistry and Cell Biology

jinelle Jinelle Wint    Molecular and Cellular Biology 

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