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Second Year Reappointment for Tenure Track Faculty 

Tenure track faculty members are evaluated for reappointment during their fourth semester at Stony Brook. See also timeline for junior faculty.

Reappointment Schedule, 3-1-3 contract
  • Initial appointment for 3-year contract (years 1-3)
  • Second year reappointment for 1-year contract (year 4)
  • Third year (pre-tenure) reappointment for 3-year contract (years 5-7) 
Deadlines for submission of second year reappointment file to the Dean’s office:
  • March 15 for faculty on academic year appointments (start date Fall semester)
  • November 1 for faculty on calendar year appointments (start date Spring semester)
Checklist of Materials for Second Year Reappointment File
  1. Current CV.
  2. Statement from candidate about his/her research, teaching, and service.
  3. List of courses taught since initial appointment, with enrollment figures for each course.
  4. Teaching evaluations for all courses taught since initial appointment.
  5. Chair’s recommendation, including detailed assessment of scholarly record, teaching, and service. The chair’s letter should identify any potential problems and indicate what is being done to assist the candidate to overcome these. The chair's letter must list the candidate's department-internal and department-external mentors, and confirm that a mentoring meeting has taken place. 
  6. Department sign-off sheet indicating vote (yes/no/abstain) of all tenured faculty.

Reappointment files should be submitted in a single PDF file (not scanned from paper). The PDF should be bookmarked according to the checklist for 2nd Year Reviews.  The digital file should be submitted to: