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Healthcare Career Community

Join this community to explore careers and make connections with professionals who hold clinical roles  (i.e. physician, dentist, nurse, PA, OT, DPT, etc.) as well as roles in the areas of health management, health informatics, assessment and insurance, research, public health, health policy, and health promotion/wellness. 

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Heather O'Connor

Heather O'Connor

About Heather

Heather coaching both undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in healthcare has allowed Heather to work one on one with students to prepare them for their future. Heather finds career coaching to be fulfilling, as she enjoys helping students explore different fields of healthcare while helping them find opportunities to become stand-out applicants in their future endeavors.

Coaching Style

Heather supports students to help them find experiences at any stage of their college journey. Within the healthcare field, students may be interested in clinical work, non-clinical work, or research. It is Heather’s goal to help all students find meaningful healthcare experiences such as internships, clubs/organizations, employment, research opportunities, job shadowing, and more. In addition, students can meet with Heather to seek advice on applying to professional programs (ex. nursing, medical school, physician assistant school, dental school & many more).