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Incorporating Industry Projects Into Your Course

Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a high-impact practice that helps students build meaningful connections between course content and the world beyond the classroom. PBL is a form of active learning in which students learn by investigating actual problems in the real world.

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Forage is an online platform hosting free virtual experiences designed and delivered by leading companies. Instructors can register as educators and create custom branded landing pages to direct students to complete these experiences as a part of their course. Completion of a course requires students to complete work similar to that undertaken during a traditional internship or graduate program. It allows students to develop their skills and gain a real understanding of work in practice. The process is quick and easy and is the best way to include an employability aspect within classes. Forage also provides recommended assessments

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Riipen is a platform where students work directly with employers on projects. Projects are embedded directly into curriculum, or completed as remote experiences. Students work directly with employers.

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Vertically Integrated Projects Program

Through the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, students can join faculty member led student teams to complete hands on projects related to their field of study.  Students can also develop their own projects to propose to faculty members and create a group to assist with the project.

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