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Letter from the AVP for Career Education & Experiential Education

Employer Brochure

mariannaIt’s an exciting time to be in career services. Recent calls from public officials, parents and students for a clearer sense of the return on financial investment made in a college education have paved the way for career services to play a more central and strategic role in the academic environment.

Institutions around the country are allocating more resources to career services to leverage the professional networks and contacts that best add value to students’ overall college education and success.

At Stony Brook University, during the past 15 years we have made modest but important investments in career services — and the results have been nothing less than incredible! We have masterfully navigated changes in the economy and job market, grown program offerings, bolstered services, and expanded our reach to every college and school on campus. As of July 1, 2015, we oversee student employment on campus.

This encompasses all the jobs that students work part time while in school. Our aim is simple: We strive to create high-impact, on-campus work experiences that prepare students for meaningful and productive careers.

We have enhanced our network of corporate, nonprofit and alumni contacts and cultivated faculty partnerships. Our finger is on the pulse of the fast-evolving world of work outside the boundaries of a college campus. We coach students on how best to articulate the value of their top-rate Stony Brook education and unique qualifications to meet expectations from employers and graduate and professional school admissions committees. And we continue to identify innovative ways to best serve our students and employers.

It is gratifying to learn that our efforts are being acknowledged. The National Student Employment Association (NSEA) recently recognized Stony Brook University as a leader in transformative student employment programs. It invited us to share our story in an article, “The Campus as a Learning Laboratory: Transforming Student Employment,” which appeared in the NSEA’s spring 2016 journal.

Our story is one of transformation, commitment to excellence and the continued aspiration to be the best in our business. We are a leader among our peers in the career services profession, a trusted colleague to our faculty and staff, and an essential partner to employers. Most of all, we are always an indispensable resource for our students and alumni.

Marianna Savoca