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Learn About Majors


Choosing an academic major can be a difficult decision for many students. The questions that are commonly asked are:

  • What do I want to do?
  • What will I gain from this major?
  • Am I doing what is right for me?
  • I am interested in a lot of things, what do I do?  

This section of the website is designed to help you to begin to think about choosing a major in a more organized and systemic way. Selecting a major is a process that involves your active participation with the goal to find the "best fit" major that supports your academic interest.

Majors to Consider

Check out these majors if you have an interest in science-based majors other than Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

Ecosystems and Human Impact
Environmental Desgin, Policy and Planning
Environmental Humanities

Or, if  you are interested in a major that offers an interdisiciplinary curriculum.    

Africana Studies
Globlization Studies and International Relations
Multidisciplinary Studies 
Women's and Gender Studies


 Go to the Major & Career  Decision Guide on the Career Center website.    

  • Follow the directions on how to use this Major & Career Guide.
  • Complete the exercise explained in the gray box: List of  Majors and Major Exploration Checklist.



Review the information how majors and careers are  related.  For the the top two majors that you interest you the most,  read the  Program Overview to gather more information, here.

  • Review the Degrees and Requirements section to learn about the major requirements.
  • Can you complete the major requirements within two or three years?
  • Read a few of the course descriptions. Do these courses interest you?  
  • Talk to students who have declared the major to hear about their perspective and experience.  
  • What types of experiential learning experiences are available through the department? 



Now that you may  have either decided  which academic major to declare or  you closer to making that final decision, check
What can I do with this Major? click here.


Continue your journey...

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Learn About Majors

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