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Campus Resources


You may find these resources helpful.  It is important that you visit these offices as needed to ensure that you are making good progress towards graduation.

Academic and Transfer Advising Services Office (ATAS)

Meet with an advisor to review academic progress towards the completion of general education curriculum and to provide guidance to define your academic goals and interests.  For more information, go to:

Career Center

Meet with a Career Counselor to be informed on how to achieve your career goals upon graduation.   You are encouraged to attend the workshops and information sessions that the Career Center offers each semester. The  workshops range from "Freaking Out About my Major" to "What can I do with this major" to information sessions led by Stony Brook Alumni who will relate their experiences upon graduation from Stony Brook.   Also, learn about the experiential learning opportunities that will strengthen your skills.  Visit the Career Center website for complete information.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides psychological and psychiatric services to students so they can participate in the University community and flourish academically. We encourage students whose difficulties are interfering with their ability to succeed at the University to contact us as soon as problems arise. CAPS is committed to affirming and respecting people of all backgrounds and to responding to students as they wish to be understood.  For more information on the services that CAPS provides, click here.

Academic Department & Programs

It is suggested that you meet with the major and minor advisors prior to the next semesters registration period  when you have officially declared an academic major.  The major / minor advisor will review  your progress towards the completion of the major and minor requirements. In addition,  learn more about the internships, research opportunities that the department offers for major and minors. To obtain complete information on the academic departments and programs, click here.

Continue your journey...

Self Assessment

It is important that you select an academic major that will support your academic interest and, perhaps, your future endeavors. Learn More (Self Assessment)

Learn About Majors

Begin to think about choosing a major in a more organized and systemic way. View Site (Learn About Majors)

Declare a Major

Students are required to declare a major upon earning 45 credits Learn More (Declare a Major)

Campus Resources

These resources are crucial to fostering positive progress towards graduation Learn More (Campus Resources)