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Academic Advising is Important

All students in the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business, School of Journalism, and School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences are strongly encouraged to utilize Academic & Transfer Advising Services.  

All students in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, please click here to utilize the advising services of the CEAS Undergraduate Student Office.


Things to Think About

In order to be on track for graduation, here are some things you should be thinking about:

  • Know your class year. Class year at Stony Brook is determined by credit count, not by how many years you have attended. If you have earned 24-56 credits you are a sophomore, if you have earned 57-84 credits you are a junior, and if you have earned 85 or more you are a senior.
  • Contact your academic advisor. Contact an academic advisor in Academic & Transfer Advising Services for an advising appointment. Advisors are available for all general education advising matters. Just call (631) 632-7082 and press option 2 to connect with us. Please check here for our current appointment & walk-in availability. We are located at E-2360 Melville Library.
  • Review your degree progress report. At least once each semester, review your degree progress report on SOLAR. Go to “Student Records & Registration”, click “View Degree Progress”, and click “View Degree Progress Report”. Here you will see a copy of your unofficial transcript and the status of your general education requirements (i.e., skill, DEC, upper division credits, etc.) Additionally, majors are in the process of being added to the degree progress report. Currently, only the psychology major is part of the degree progress report and includes only courses taken at Stony Brook toward fulfilling the major.
  • Register for classes. Depending upon your major, select some DEC and some major classes to create a good, balanced schedule. Full-time students must enroll in at least 12 credits. Strongly consider taking a winter class or summer classes to catch up or get ahead in your studies.
  • Declare a major. If you have not yet declared a major, you will need to do so upon earning 45 credits, or by the middle of your sophomore year. If you do not know what you wish to major in, speak with an academic advisor. Faculty and staff major advisors in the academic departments help monitor your progress towards the completion of major and minor requirements.
  • Read the "Please be Advised" e-mail. On a bi-weekly basis, you will receive the "Please be Advised" e-mail from Academic & Transfer Advising Services. This e-mail includes important information on academic deadlines, programs, upcoming events, and scholarship opportunities.


Special Information for Sophomores

  • Contact an academic advisor. Contact an academic advisor in Academic & Transfer Advising Services for an advising appointment. Advisors are available for all general education advising matters and to assist with your academic transition from the freshman to sophomore year.
  • Send your Transcripts. Remember to send all transcripts from previous schools, including AP scores, high school, college and university transcripts to:

            Academic & Transfer Advising Services
            Stony Brook University
            E2360 Melville Library
            Stony Brook, NY 11794

For more information, click on the "Transfer Info" tab above.

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