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Planning Your Path to Excellence

Undergraduate Colleges advising is specifically designed for first-year undergraduates to set them up for success as new university students. Advisors pay special attention to the needs of each individual student, helping to guide them on their own path to intellectual excellence and academic success.

Customized In-Person Advising


affiliated with each student's Undergraduate College are available for walk-in advising and appointments.


Faculty Directors

Faculty Directors affiliated with students' Undergraduate College help students understand and plan their intellectual path.

Faculty Directors

Academic Program Advisors

Undergraduate Major and Minor Advisors in each program help students achieve their specific academic goals.

Major and Minor Advisors

Affiliated Programs

These programs have dedicated advising and include EOP, WISE, Honor's College, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS), University Scholars, and Stony Brook Athletics.


Virtual Advising Appointments

(631) 632-4378 or

To make an appointment, please use the  Navigate App. When you sign up, choose The Undergraduate Colleges as your ADVISING UNIT.
If you are interested in a Biology major, please review the Biology Advising Workshop.
Learn about the core requirements for the Biology major, begin creating a four year plan for your courses, and understand the key differences between the BS and BA in Biology.
Biology Advising Workshop
(Password: uGe^FFh2)

Drop-In Virtual Advising

Drop-In Advising is available for all first year students on Wednesdays from 2:00-4:00pm on Zoom for the Spring 2021 semester.
* Please note: You must use your Stony Brook Zoom Account to participate.


Additional Advising
April 7-23

The Undergraduate Colleges will be offering additional advising options from April 7 to April 23 to assist with registration and deadlines.
Please review the advising options available for the services you may need.
Additional Advising Options

Advising Resources

Stony Brook is making use of the most advanced solutions to meet the needs of students as they find their path to academic success and acheiving their educational goals.

Each Stony Brook student has access to advising appointments, degree progress tracking, and student success initiatives through Navigate.


Your link to advising now!

 When you sign up, choose  The Undergraduate Colleges  as your  ADVISING UNIT.