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First-Year Seminars

In First-Year Seminars, students explore a theme with top faculty and other students within their College. Students gain insight on topics that range from planning a major, to how best to study, to civic responsibility and intellectual values.
First-Year Seminars involve community events focused exclusively on first-year students. These experiences form a common understanding and community which supports students throughout their academic journey.


SBU 101 Seminar:
Fall Semester

The First-Year Seminar 101 is a 1-credit course that supports first-year students in their transition to University life - academically, personally, and socially. The course aims to foster a sense of belonging; promote curricular and co-curricular engagement; help students clarify their plan and purpose; and involve students in a dialogue on social responsibility and inclusion. Through the course, students are encouraged to think critically and reflectively about their role as a student within a community and the expectations of the University.


SBU 102 Seminar:
Spring Semester

In their second semester, students choose from among a diverse set of one-credit seminars taught by expert faculty members which delve into topics connected with their College's theme.



Fellows Seminars

Undergraduate College Fellows are first-year student leaders selected by their Undergraduate College to serve as peer mentors for future new students. Fellows provide support at Orientation and Opening Weekend, engage in formal and informal mentoring, and act as facilitators in the First-Year Seminar 101.


SBU 275:
College Fellows Seminar

This course is available through application to the Undergraduate College Fellows Program.


SBU 276:
College Fellows Teaching Practicum

Undergraduate College Fellows take a one-credit Teaching Practicum seminar in the Fall of their second year to aid them in their roll as Teaching Assistants for the First-Year Seminar 101.



SBU 488: Undergraduate Colleges Internship

Students learn about contemporary issues in higher education, community-building, and teaching and learning at a research university through hands-on work with faculty mentors. Internship experiences include participation in the planning and implementation of events and initiatives sponsored by the Undergraduate Colleges.