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Stony Brook University's Undergraduate Colleges are small, vibrant communities, offering individualized support while tailoring the first-year experience for students with similar interests.

All Undergraduate Colleges include customized advising and support, special educational and social programs, and opportunities for close interaction with faculty and fellow students around themes of common interest.

Both commuter and residential students are welcomed into College life. First-year resident members of each College are housed together in the same residential community. First-year commuters have a centrally located home on the Academic Mall and have access to each of the Undergraduate College Community Centers.

The Undergraduate Colleges


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Selecting Your Undergraduate College

Each Undergraduate College has its own specific theme and is affiliated with its own residential community. A student's placement in their Undergraduate College decides the theme of their one-credit first-year seminars, their college community, as well as which residential community they will be living in for their first year. In order to select which Colleges might be a student's first, second and third choice, incoming students can browse the various aspects of the Colleges on this site: theme, courses, communities, events, programs, faculty and staff, and more.


Submitting your preferences:

Each College provides its own distinctive slice of academic and university life, and each is part of a broad liberal arts curriculum at Stony Brook University. To ensure that each College provides students with the best possible individualized experience within their College, the size of each College is limited. Each College is planned to provide an enriching experience to students with diverse academic and career plans, and will provide each student with essential preparation and community to begin their academic journey.



New Seawolf Orientation

All new first year students at Stony Brook University will participate in a multi-part orientation. New Seawolf  Orientation is  required for all new first year students and consists of Seawolf Foundations online orientation modules, participation in the advising and registration process with your  Undergraduate College, virtual group workshops including Seawolf Connections and commuter/resident panel,   and New Seawolf Welcome Week.

To keep you on track, please review the New Seawolf Orientation Checklist, below. This checklist is available as a  Google Sheet, which you can copy and customize, or as a  PDF for quick reference.




Frequently Asked Questions