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Current Stony Brook Students

Fulfilling Degree Requirements at Other Institutions:

It is not necessary to obtain prior approval for courses that have been pre-evaluated by Stony Brook's Academic and Transfer Advising Services' office. The Academic and Transfer Advising Services' office currently has many course equivalencies available online. Please click here to view the Transfer Course Equivalencies database.

If a course isn't listed in this database please follow the steps below:

For major, minor, or upper-division credit:

  • Fill out a transfer credit evaluation form (available at the Academic and Transfer Advising Services Office) and attach an official description of the course from the previous school's course catalog. Some departments may require a course syllabus as well.

  • Take the form, along with an attached course description, to the corresponding academic department at Stony Brook. For example, a psychology course should be evaluated by Stony Brook's Department of Psychology. Once evaluated by the department, please return the white copy to Academic and Transfer Advising Services, give the pink copy to your major or minor department (if applicable), and keep the yellow copy for your records. Transfer Advisors will update your transcript, if necessary.

For D.E.C. or SBC requirements:

  • Please bring a course description to Academic & Transfer Advising Services for evaluation.

For Courses from all other Regionally Accredited Institutions:

  1. Select a course (or courses) at a regionally accredited institution. To check if a school is regionally accredited, see a transfer advisor in Academic and Transfer Advising Services office, E-2360 Melville Library.

  2. Obtain a catalog from the transfer institution with course descriptions.

  3. If the course is for elective credit or for the completion of a DEC category, come to Academic and Transfer Advising Services, E2360 Melville Library.

  4. If the course is for major or upper-division credit, come to Academic and Transfer Advising Services, E-2360 Melville Library for a Transfer Evaluation Form; then have the corresponding Stony Brook Department evaluate the course for equivalency. You will need a copy of the course description from the school's catalog where you plan to attend. A course syllabus may also be required.  Note: The upper-division writing requirement must be completed at Stony Brook.

  5. Return the white and yellow copies to Academic and Transfer Advising Services, E2360 Melville Library; your major department should keep the pink copy, and the gold copy is for your own records.

Important Notes:

    • Transfer credit will only be processed with an official transcript.  Upon successful completion of the course(s) with a grade of C or better, have an official transcript sent to the following address:

      Academic and Transfer Advising Services
      E-2360, Melville Library
      Stony Brook University
      Stony Brook, NY 11794-3353
    • Grades from transfer courses do not affect your Stony Brook GPA.
    • You cannot get credit twice for equivalent courses. The Academic and Transfer Advising Services' Office advises students who must repeat a course for major requirements to consult their major department before registering for the course. If credit was already received for the course, you will not receive additional credit toward graduation by repeating the course.
    • Students may transfer credits to satisfy the D.E.C. category A or SBC learning objective WRT only with approved courses completed prior to matriculation at Stony Brook. Course work taken at institutions other than Stony Brook after matriculation will not apply to DEC A or SBC WRT.
    • Upper-division credit must be earned at a four-year school.  
    • See Transfer Credit Policies in the Undergraduate Bulletin. 
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