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Degree Requirements

  • All undergraduates must complete 128 credits for a Bachelor of Engineering in CEAS; and 120 credits for all other schools and majors; a minimum of 100 earned credits must be letter-graded (A-D or S).
  • All undergraduates must complete at least 39 upper-division credits (classes at the 300-level or higher), all required SBC objectives, an academic major, the residency requirement (at least 36 credits at Stony Brook after earning the 57th credit), and earn at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA. An official listing of degree requirements appears in the Undergraduate Bulletin at under Policies and Regulations.
  • Once enrolled at Stony Brook as a matriculated student, the writing requirement (WRT 101 and WRT 102) must be completed at Stony Brook.
  • There are limits on the number of credits from certain courses that can be applied toward a student’s degree. See the Bulletin for full details.
    • Physical education: 4 credits maximum
    • Internships: 12 credits maximum
    • Independent study: 30 credits maximum
    • Activity related courses: 9 credits maximum
    • Graduate courses: 6 credits maximum
    • Teaching practica: 6 credits maximum

Application to Graduate

  • Candidates for graduation apply on-line in the final semester they expect to graduate. The Registrar audits academic records of CAS, COB, SOJ, and MSRC undergraduates. The CEAS Undergraduate Student Office audits academic records of CEAS undergraduates.
  • Any in-progress (IP) courses, missing grades, pending grades, or incompletes must be resolved in order to graduate, and may affect a student’s ability to meet the minimum GPA and credit requirements.
  • Once a student’s degree is conferred, no change can be made to the academic transcript or record.

How to read your Degree Works report

For assistance in reviewing degree requirements, undergraduates in the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), School of Journalism (SOJ), and School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SOMAS) should visit Academic and Transfer Advising Services, Suite 105, Stony Brook Union, (631) 632-7082. Undergraduates in the College of Business (COB) should visit the College of Business Office of Student Services, 109 Harriman Hall, (631) 632-7171. Undergraduates in the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences (CEAS) should visit the CEAS Undergraduate Student Office, 231 Engineering, (631) 632-8381.

Watch the Video Tutorial
To access your degree works report, follow these steps:
  • Log into SOLAR.
  • Under “STUDENT RECORDS & REGISTRATION” click “Degree Progress/Graduation”.
  • Click on "Degree Works".
  • Sign in with your NET ID and NET ID password.

Download the Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC) Checklist 

  • Requirements in RED text are NOT satisfied.
  • Requirements that have a CHECKMARK  have been satisfied.
  • Requirements in PLAIN text highlighted in blue are in progress (IP) may be satisfied upon successful completion.
  • In-progress (IP) courses may show as satisfying degree requirements on the degree progress report, but once a grade is posted, the requirement may in fact NOT be satisfied if the course is REPEATED, a course EQUIVALENT, a CROSS-LISTED course, or not completed with the required grade.
  • REPEATED courses (the same course taken more than once),EQUIVALENT courses (two or more similar/same courses taken for credit), or CROSS-LISTED courses that are in progress (IP) show as counting toward degree requirements. However, once a grade is posted for the REPEATED, EQUIVALENT, or CROSS-LISTED course, any credit for the second (or multiple) attempt will be removed, except when no credit was earned on the first attempt (e.g., the student earned a grade of F, NC, or W). Check the course descriptions in the Bulletin to see what special topics courses or other classes may be repeated for academic credit.
  • While students cannot earn additional credit for a REPEATED class that was passed in the first attempt, grades earned in repeated courses are factored into the semester and cumulative GPA. A repeated course grade does not replace the grade earned in the first attempt.
  • Courses taken under the GRADE/PASS/NO CREDIT (GPNC) option DO NOT count toward SBC objectives or major requirements if the grade received is a P or NC.
  • This degree works report include MAJOR and MINOR REQUIREMENTS however, these requirements must be reviewed with the major advisor or departmental representative.
  • This degree works report includes the RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT. The residency requirement means that upon earning the 57th credit, students must complete at least 36 credits at Stony Brook’s Main or Southampton Campuses.
  • For dual-degree candidates in an HSC program, the degree works report only tracks students’ West Campus programs, including CAS, CEAS, COB, SOJ, and MSRC.

Academic and Transfer Advising Services
Suite 105, Stony Brook Union
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3217

Main office telephone: (631) 632-7082   


Revised 9/4/2020