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Declare A Major

Students are required to declare a major upon earning 45 credits.  New transfer students who matriculate as sophomores, juniors, or seniors must declare a major during their first semester.

Please be advised:  Please refer to the   Academic Calendar regarding the deadline for submission of the Major/Minor Declaration form.  The Major/Minor Declaration form is available on the  Registrar's website during the open declaration time frame.   

 All students must satisfy the requirements of a declared major in order to earn a degree from Stony Brook University. Major requirements are detailed in the “Approved Majors, Minors, and Programs” section of the Bulletin

Procedure to Declare a Major

College of Arts & Sciences
College of Business
College of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Health Science Major
School of Journalism
School of Marine & Atmospheric Science
Pre-Major Area of Interest (AOI)
Programs in the School of Health Technology and Management
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