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Direct Delivery Shipments

Shipments that are sensitive in nature may be flagged for inside delivery and installation whenever requested by a department. This is noted on the requisition by the department and flagged on PO's as a line item, to be delivered directly to the ordering department once the shipment arrives on campus. Please Note: It is the responsibility of the department to physically inspect all items received against the packing slip in a timely manner, for accuracy and functionality to what was ordered on the PO. Departments should record the date an item was received and attach a copy of the packing slip to the PO, or scan and email a copy to Accounts Payable (AP), indicating the corresponding PO# for the packing slip.

Central Receiving and Property Control must be notified for all direct delivery shipments received in a department via the comment section on the PO in the WolfMart system. This is necessary in order to assist with processing the shipment with Property Control so that decals are issued when applicable. This will also assist with the timely processing of invoices by our AP Department. 

Desktop Delivery

Desktop Delivery is provided to departments when a selected vendor or shipper delivers an order directly to a department room, or desktop, as requested or contractually agreed upon. Once the shipment is delivered, it is the responsibility of the department to verify items received against the packing slip and PO. Departments should confirm the piece count and part number(s) ordered and delivered, are correct via the "Add Comment" section on the PO in the WolfMart system. For office supply vendors, the department's signed delivery receipt will be forwarded to Central Receiving and an electronic receipt will be created in WolfMart by the department in order for AP to process the payment. 

If a department has identified that an item shipped is incorrect at the time of delivery, the item should be refused on the spot. If an item was accepted and subsequently discovered an incorrect item was received,  the department should contact the vendor immediately so that the correct item can be reshipped and incorrect items can be picked up by the vendor. For assistance, add a comment in WolfMart to the PO so that a Purchasing Buyer can contact the vendor for an exchange/reshipment of the correct item. All actions must be noted in the WolfMart system, via the Add Comment functionality. 



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