Rockaway Beach, NY
Engineering Science
Activities: CSTEP (Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program), National Society of Black Engineers, peer mentor, intramural sports, basketball referee
"There's so much you can do here.  No matter what you are interested in, you'll find something to do. "
I picked Stony Brook because it was an affordable school with a great engineering program. Also, it was close to home, but not too close.   

In my freshman year, I didn't know anyone and I was really shy. But I broke out of my comfort zone to try new things and get involved, and that's when I began to meet a lot of people. Now I feel like I always have someone that I can hang out with on campus anytime I want to.  

I played sports in high school but I didn’t want to play competitively in college, so I joined intramural sports. I met a friend who worked there as a ref and he suggested I apply. A week later, I was on the court with a job that I loved doing. It doesn’t feel like work at all.  

One of the things I like about Stony Brook is that in my major — engineering science — you get to explore all the different types of engineering like mechanical and electrical, and then you decide which one you want to focus on. I got to try everything and then decided to concentrate on environmental engineering, which I really enjoy.  

I also belong to CSTEP, which is the Collegiate Science, Technology and Entry Program. Their focus is helping minorities in STEM. I’m also in the National Society of Black Engineers, which promotes excellence in STEM. These programs really enrich me and push me to do my best.

I’m very thankful for the help I’ve gotten from different offices here. In my sophomore year I had to go to the student accessibility support center for some help. The person who works there, Kathy, helped me get through my whole sophomore year. The Career Center has also been a great resource. They helped me put together my résumé, which I brought to all the job fairs. That's how I got my job after graduation. I'm also a mentor in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, which I’ve been doing for two years.

There's so much you can do here. I don't even know how much stuff there is, but I know there's a lot and I want to try everything. No matter what you are interested in, you'll find something to do.