Ronkonkoma, NY
Scholars for Medicine/Journalism
Activities: Undergraduate Student Government Representative, SB UNICEF E-Board; The Statesman; Wind Ensemble; intern at the Center for Civic Justice
"Because Stony Brook is such a large school,  you will always find people that fit your vibe."
I grew up near Stony Brook and I always saw myself eventually coming here. I got into the Scholars for Medicine program, which means I do four years as an undergrad and then four years of medical school. I applied straight out of high school.

I took a mini course about diversity, equity and inclusion, and the professor that taught it also majored in journalism at Stony Brook. Writing is something that I didn't think I was very good at, but I wanted to improve. He really helped me see where the path could go and he showed me that journalism can fit in anywhere, and that inspired me to look at how I could fit it in with my medicine path. 

The journalism program here is pretty hands-on. The courses are fundamental and they give you the foundation for what you need moving ahead. As a first-year student, most of my experiences come from writing for The Statesman or getting to use the newsroom. The school also offers classes where I can explore different avenues that I can connect to medicine. 

I played flute throughout high school and it was one of the things that I found myself really loving and becoming good at outside of academics. It was a way for me to pull away from all the stress and I wanted to keep doing it at Stony Brook. Being in the Wind Ensemble, I get to meet so many people who have that same kind of passion and love for arts as much as I do.

Because Stony Brook is such a large school, you’ll always find people that fit your vibe or have similar experiences. There are always people out there that I'm able to relate to and that's what makes Stony Brook so inclusive.

Your classes are your priority, but they're not going to be your only priority. I'm able to do so much because of the way Stony Brook structures its classes. It’s pretty amazing. There are events going on every weekend and there is never a lack of opportunity here. There are so many clubs, leadership positions, and music and art opportunities. Stony Brook allows me to experience all that while still making sure I get a strong education.