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Combined Bachelor's-Master's Programs for Teacher Certification

Current Stony Brook undergraduate students are eligible to enroll in combined Bachelor's/Master of Arts in Teaching degree programs

Stony Brook offers a number of combined undergraduate/graduate degree programs through collaborations between the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Professional Development (SPD), and the Graduate School. These programs allow current Stony Brook undergraduate students with special talent and motivation to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in less time and at less expense than if they enrolled in two separate programs. Applicants to the combined programs are not required to submit an application fee or GRE scores.

SPD's combined BA or BS/MAT five-year programs lead to both degrees and certification in Adolescent Education in  Foreign Language (with or without  ESL/ENL certification),  MathematicsScience or  Social Studies.  The BA or BS/MAT option is available to students who are matriculated in the following undergraduate degree programs: Applied Math/Statistics, Africana Studies, Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Economics, French, History, Italian, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, Sociology and Spanish.

For combined BA/MA programs in English, History, and  Linguistics/TESOL, consult the departmental websites or the  Graduate School Bulletin.

Students may enter into one of SPD-sponsored programs as early as the beginning of their junior year. While some graduate study will take place prior to the last undergraduate semester, graduate status will commence with the eighth semester, and graduation with both degrees will usually occur after ten semesters of study. The total combined degree program will include 150 credits of study and save the student a minimum of one semester’s time and graduate tuition.

Teacher preparation candidates must also complete certification workshops in child abuse, substance abuse, school violence, and harassment, bullying and discrimination prevention and intervention. In addition, they must be fingerprinted. Stony Brook offers these workshops monthly. See  Certification and Licensing Workshops for details.

Application Information 

To be eligible to apply to this program, students must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0; a higher GPA in one’s major is preferred.

To complete the application process, students will need to do the following:

  • Print out and complete the  application packet.  The application packet consists of a one-page application form and three recommendation forms which must be distributed to three recommenders (preferably faculty within your own major).
  • Obtain signatures on the application form from your  Departmental Academic AdvisorTeacher Preparation Program Director, and  Teacher Certification Officer (located in 2321 Computer Science Building).
  • Complete a personal statement in light of your experiences, interests and ambitions.  In order to do so, select one theme and one pathway from the  Conceptual Framework located on the D-TALE website and explain in a well-written, 500 - 750 word essay how these two concepts will guide your development as an effective educator in your chosen field. The full text of the  Conceptual Framework may be found at:
  • An abridged version of the  Conceptual Framework may be found at:
Application Deadlines
  • March 15 for Fall admission
  • October 31 for Spring admission
Enrolling in Graduate Courses

Students who have been have applied for and been admitted into a Combined Degree Bachelor's/Master's program program may enroll in up to fifteen (15) graduate credits while in their undergraduate career. To enroll, they must complete the  permission form  (PDF) and have it signed by their program director prior to submission to SPD.