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Combined BA — MAT Programs in Foreign Language with ESL/ENL Certification

Two degrees plus two certifications in just 5 years

Stony Brook University is delighted to announce three new programs that allow students to complete a bachelor of arts (with a double major in Linguistics and a foreign language), plus a Master of Arts in Teaching (French, Italian, or Spanish), as well as dual teacher certification in ESL/ENL (grades K-12) and French, Italian, or Spanish (grades 7-12). With careful planning, this program can be completed in 5 years (see program planners below). 

Dual certification in ESL/ENL (English as a Second Language/English as a New Language) and a foreign language will increase student marketability and make them extremely attractive to potential employers.  Students will be expertly trained in linguistics as well as their language of choice, with our rigorous undergraduate curriculum, a thorough foundation in general linguistics, and careful preparation in pedagogy and teaching methodology. In addition, all students are strongly encouraged to study abroad and will receive assistance in finding an appropriate travel program. 

This program is offered in collaboration between the Department of Linguistics; the Department of European Languages, Literatures and Cultures; the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature; and the School of Professional Development.




TeacHER CertificationS

Degree Planner*

French +
Master of Arts in Teaching French
ESL/ENL (grades K-12) +
French (7-12)
Italian +
Master of Arts in Teaching Italian
ESL/ENL (grades K-12) +
Italian (7-12)
Spanish +
Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish
ESL/ENL (grades K-12) +
Spanish (7-12)
*Current and prospective students should refer to these planners when registering for classes.

For More Information

Prof. Sarah JourdainDr. Sarah Jourdain, Director
Foreign Language Teacher Preparation Program
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4310
Telephone: 631-632-7440 

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