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Transferring to SBU

Students who are admitted to Stony Brook University from another U.S. college, university, high school or language program on F-1 status are considered “transfers”. This refers to the transfer of the student’s SEVIS record from one institution to another. Students in J-1 status can only transfer to Stony Brook if they will continue to pursue the same program objective.

You are eligible to transfer to Stony Brook University if you:

  1. Are maintaining lawful F-1/J-1 status,
  2. Meet all academic requirements for admission and
  3. Submit documentation necessary for the issuance of an I-20/DS-2019.

Please Note: Your course of study at Stony Brook must begin during the next available term, or within 5 months of the end of your course of study/OPT participation at your transfer-out school, whichever is earlier.  Because each student's case may differ, contact Visa and Immigration Services for additional guidance .

Transfer-In Process
Step 1: Once you’ve applied to SBU, login to accessVIS and submit all required forms in the Request a Form I-20/DS-2019 tab. You also must submit the International Student Transfer Report on the SEVIS Transfer tab.
Step 2: Upon admission to SBU, inform your current/previous International Student Advisor you plan to transfer. We will contact him/her to release your SEVIS record to Stony Brook University. Stony Brook cannot issue you an I-20/DS-2019 until your SEVIS record is released.
Step 3: Stony Brook will issue you a Transfer-Pending I-20/DS-2019.
Step 4: Complete the Immigration Intake procedures in accessVIS and attend the New International Student Orientation.

Important Note: Students who leave the United States between transfers must use Stony Brook University’s I-20 when arriving for inspection at the port-of-entry. Please keep all previous I-20 for Intake procedures.


Frequently Asked Questions:

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