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Inviting B-1 & Visa Waiver (VW) Visitors

The B-1 visa (including the visa waiver program) permits persons to come to the U.S. to engage in short-term, temporary professional activities related to their employment abroad; for example, consulting with peers, participating in conferences or seminars, lecturing or speaking, training, and independent research that provides no benefit to a U.S. institution.

The B-1 business category is not appropriate for visitors engaging in collaborative research with SBU faculty or research which will benefit the University in any way. If collaborative research is involved or the University will benefit from the research, a J-1 visa should be requested. If you are unsure which visa would be appropriate, please direct your questions to

Period of stay/Extension of stay
Permissable activities
Honorarium and reimbursement
Iniviting a B-1 visitor