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Information for SUTRA (off-campus cohort) Instructors


Key Terms

  • Cohort: Employees or teacher center members who are taking courses together as a group as part of a contracted program between Stony Brook University and a coordinating or sponsoring organization.
  • Day 10: The tenth day counting from the first meeting of the class (does not include weekends). An important day for University record-keeping, Day 10 is the last day to add or drop a course without financial liability.
  • GPD: Graduate Program Director.
  • Organization: Used to refer to the teacher's center or human services agency that is contracting with Stony Brook University.
  • Org Administrator: The representative who manages the payment of their employees or members.
  • R & A: Records and Admissions, the team of SPD staff members who process the applications and manage the records, scheduling and enrollment.
  • SPD:  The School of Professional Development, which offers and administers these SUTRA programs for Stony Brook University.
  • SUTRA: Describes the contract between SBU and the participating organization or teacher's center; is often used as an adjective to distinguish cohort classes or students.


Enrollment and Attendance Reporting

  • To ensure the accuracy of records, we will be using a three-pronged approach. That is, any  reports of discrepancies in attendance must be reported simultaneously to the instructor, the org administrator, and SPD's R&A team, using the Cohort Leave of Absence or Return from Absence Form Verbal notifications are not acceptable and can subject the organization to financial liability.
  • Please note that only the SOLAR roster should be used to confirm attendance, not the org's roster.
  • Students who are confirmed as not attending will be dropped from the class by  Day 10.
  • Until and unless students are formally enrolled and on the SOLAR roster they should NOT attend classes. Students who appear in the class but are not enrolled should contact the GPD, cc’ing their organization and  SPD's R&A team  to review their options. Students may not enroll in cohorts other than their original cohort.


Step 1

Students in new and existing cohorts will automatically be enrolled by SPD R&A Team into the next successive course.

Step 2

Students must report any changes to their enrollment (leaves or returns) no later than Day 10 of the scheduled course by completing the Cohort Leave of Absence or Return from Absence form and submitting it to the SPD Email address on the form. 

Step 3

Day 1-9 of the Class: Instructor takes attendance at all class meetings and compares attendance to SOLAR roster.

Step 4

Instructor contacts missing students (using SBU email) to confirm whether or not they will be attending (If student will not be attending, direct student to Step 2 above).

Step 5

No later than Day 10: Instructor emails , cc’ing the Teacher Center or Contracted Organization to advise of any discrepancies from the SOLAR roster.


Once Grades have been posted: Instructor verifies end-of-term attendance on SOLAR roster for any student who has received a grade of NR, or F in accordance with University Policy, following Registrar’s instructions.



As per the University’s Email Policy: All communication regarding a student’s record can only occur via the student’s email address. Remind the students to check their email frquently to ensure that they are informed of important and time-sensitive notifications from SPD and the University. Emails addressed to the email account can be set up to be forwarded to any other email address currently used by the student. ( Instructions for email forwarding.) 


Lori Lyons, Director
Records and Admissions (R & A)
School of Professional Development

Barbara Franks, Coordinator
SUTRA Programs
School of Professional Development