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5-year Program in Linguistics and Spanish

Combined Degree: BA + MAT
LIN major + SPN second major + MAT SPN
ESL/ENL (K-12) + SPN (7-12) Certification

For additional information please contact: Sarah Jourdain,

I. Linguistics major

The following six courses are required for the LIN major:

LIN 101 Human Language
LIN 201 Phonetics
LIN 300 Writing in Linguistics
LIN 301 Phonology
LIN 311 Syntax
LIN 431 Structure of an Uncommonly Taught Language

The following three courses are required for the TESOL certification:

LIN 307 Introduction to Sociolinguistics
LIN 375 TESOL Pedagogy: Theory and Practice (**see V below)
LIN 378 TESOL Pedagogy: Language and Literacy Development (**see V below)

Three additional electives are required, chosen in consultation with the Undergraduate Program Director in Linguistics:

Example: LIN 240 Spanish in the US
Example: LIN 321 Morphology
Example: SPN 393 Intro to Hispanic Linguistics (counts as both LIN and SPN elective)

II. Spanish (SPN) second major

Thirty-six (36) SPN credits. Six (6) of these credits (2 courses) may be at the 200-level or may be satisfied by appropriate CLEP credit, AP/IB credit, etc. Thirty (30) of the 36 SPN credits must be at the 300+ level, chosen in consultation with the Undergraduate Spanish Director:

SPN 310 or SPN 311 Spanish Conversation & Composition
SPN 312 Intro. To Literary Studies
SPN 321 Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPN 393 Intro to Hispanic Linguistics (counts as both LIN and SPN elective)

Three of the following:

SPN 395 Intro to Spanish-American Lit I
SPN 396 Intro to Spanish-American Lit II
SPN 397 Intro to Spanish Lit I
SPN 398 Intro to Spanish Lit II
Five additional courses; two may be at the 200 level; at least two must be at the 400-level

III. Graduate Spanish course work for MAT SPN

Fifteen (15) SPN credits at the graduate (500) level, chosen with approval of the Graduate Director:

Example: SPN 505 Spanish Dialectology and Sociolinguistics
Example: SPN 506 Bilingualism
Example: SPN 510 Hispanic Culture
Example: SPN 515 Spanish Composition and Stylistics
Additional SPN Literature elective at the 500 level

IV. General Professional Preparation

SSE 350 Foundations of American Education
CEF 347 or CEF 547 Introduction to Special Education
PSY 327 Introduction to Human Development
LIN 344 Literacy Development

V. Professional Preparation in TESOL & World Languages: Methods courses

Students should consult with the Director of the TESOL program for additional information about the TESOL courses.

LIN 375 TESOL Pedagogy: Theory and Practice, 3 credits (“Methods I”) (**see I above) 
& LIN 449 Field Experience N-12, 1 credit
LIN 378 TESOL Pedagogy: Language and Literacy Development, 3 credits (“Methods II”) (**see I above)
& LIN 450 Field Experience N-12, 1 credit
FLA 506 Curriculum Development in World Languages, 3 credits
& FLA 550 Field Experience in World Languages, 1 credit

VI. Professional Preparation in TESOL & World Languages: Student Teaching

LIN 574 Managing Instruction, Assessment and Resources, 1-2 credits (“Student Teaching Seminar, TESOL”)
& LIN 581 Supervised Student Teaching in TESOL, 3 credits
FLA 554 Student Teaching Seminar in World Languages, 1-2 credits
& FLA 552 Supervised Student Teaching in World Languages, 3 credits

VII. All Teacher candidates must attend four (4) seminars and be fingerprinted.

Training in Identifying and Reporting Suspected Cases of Child Abuse
Identification and Referral of Substance Abuse
Prevention of School Violence
Dignity for All Students
For information call 631-632-7022 or  register  on the SPD website.


Prior to Student Teaching, World Language candidates must participate in an official ACTFL OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) and receive a minimum spoken proficiency rating of Advanced Low. Please consult the Foreign Language Teacher Preparation Advisor for information on signing up for this interview. Additional information is at:

IX. NYS Teacher Certification Exams

Current requirements (please consult your Advisor for updates to these requirements):
Educating All Students (EAS)
Content Specialty Test (CST) – ESOL
Content Specialty Test (CST) – Italian, grades 7-12
Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) – done during student teaching
For information or registration go to:
Additional information is available at the  PEP website.

 For More Information

Prof. Sarah JourdainDr. Sarah Jourdain, Director
Foreign Language Teacher Preparation Program
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4310
Telephone: 631-632-7440 

Dr. José Alberto Elías-Ulloa
Linguistics Program Director   
Lilia Delfina Ruiz-Debbe
Spanish Language Program Director
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