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Faculty Resources

Below is a list of resources that are available to faculty.



The   Division of Information Technology  (DoIT) supports Blackboard. Their website provides a helpful overview of Blackboard's features. If you are having problems with your online course, please contact DoIT:

SPD Faculty Support Site

For faculty teaching SPD courses, the Blackboard Faculty Support site  provides access to resources such as syllabus template, best practices and policies pertaining to e-learning, resources for online teaching and learning, and tutorials/webinars. Please note that you must login with your SBU credentials to get access to the SPD Blackboard Faculty Support site and must be a faculty member teaching in SPD.  


Webinars and Tutorials

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CELT) is responsible for faculty development on campus. Here is their upcoming training schedule.

In addition, SPD has offered additional online workshops for online faculty. Here are the links to the recordings:


Assignments and Safe Assignment in Blackboard

The workshop covers how you can create a secure space for students to upload their papers or other files for grading, including:

  • How to set up and use Blackboard’s SafeAssign and Assignment tools in your class
  • Implementing online assignments for your students
  • Checking student work for plagiarism
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Grade Center

This workshop covers how to set up and use Blackboard’s Grade Center tools in your class. Learn how to develop your grade book online and access it anytime, use Blackboard tools to manage the assessment, and view students’ results and statistics.

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Tests and Surveys

This workshop covers how to set up and use Blackboard’s test and survey tools in your class. Develop tests and quizzes online and let Blackboard grade them for you. Use surveys to do a mid-semester check in and see how well the class is going.

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Blogs and Wikis 

This workshop covers how to set up and use Blackboard’s blog and wiki tools in your class. Encourage collaboration in your class by having them work together to develop a project on a wiki. Allow students the opportunity to design unique projects in a digital space.

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University Computing Resources

The Division of Information Technology aims to provide faculty with the tools necessary for them to create inspiring learning environments. 

IT Orientation Guide



Stony Brook Faculty-Staff Resources

A collection of useful links for all University employees.

Employee Resources
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