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Graduation and NYS Filing Instructions

For Students in the Educational Leadership and School District Business Leadership Programs

Filing for graduation and filing for certification are two independent processes; you are required to do both.


PART ONE: Graduation

Start with filing for graduation: In the semester when you are enrolled in your last course, you must apply for graduation on SOLAR according to the dates stated on the Registrar’s Academic Calendar.


PART TWO: Certification

You must access the TEACH System to apply for license(s). Follow the instructions outlined on this page.  Please be certain to read everything carefully as we cannot assist you in correcting any errors within the TEACH System. 

  1. You will need to fill out the SPD's online FERPA form and pay the $90 fee before the Teacher Certification Office can submit your TEACH recommendation(s). 
  2. Candidates for all certifications must prove that they have satisfied the Child Abuse Education, the Identification and Prevention of School Violence,  and DASA requirements. Students who take these courses outside of Stony Brook must provide proof that these courses were completed if they are not posted on your TEACH account. This proof is usually in the form of a statement issued upon completion of an approved course in the above topics. Maintain originals or photocopies for your own records as well. 
  3. You must be fingerprinted before any application for certification will be processed by NYSED. If you have worked in another jurisdiction where fingerprints were required, you can complete an OSPRA 104 form and forward it to that jurisdiction requesting that your fingerprints be transmitted to NYSED. 
  4. Test scores on the SBL, SDL, SDBL and EAS will be sent directly to NYSED by the Testing Agency for purposes of SBL/SDL or SDBL Certification. There is no need to include these with your application. 
  5. ONLY once your degree has been posted, your online FERPA form and $90 processing fee and proof of your required seminars are received, the Teacher Certification Office will enter a recommendation on your behalf to NYSED through the TEACH System. NYSED will pair this recommendation with your online application and the other supporting documentation that is required for issuance of certification and resulting license. 

NOTE: Paper certificates will no longer be printed for the Initial certificates. Access to your certificate will be through the TEACH website only.

TEACH ACCOUNT Instructions FOR NYS Administrative Certification

Please use the information provided below to assist you in completing your online application for NYS Teacher Certification.

First: Create User Login and Password (If you have not already done so)

In order to apply online, you will enter TEACH online services via the Office of Teaching Initiatives Web site at and create a TEACH login and password at the New York State Directory Services site. Instructions are provided as you go through this process. Once you have created your login and password this step is completed and you never have to repeat this process (unless you forget your password).

Second: Create TEACH Account & Complete the Application

Create/Update Applicant Profile
Enter/Update your personal information

Use the following information to complete the Self-Reported education portion of the online application:

self report aplication form

Select Certificate(s)
You can only apply for one certificate at a time – however you can pay for all the applications at the end.

Continue through the application answering all required questions; sign the affidavit and pay the application fee.



For both the School Building Leadership and School District Leadership licenses NYSED requires verification of three years of teaching or pupil personnel experience (not what you self-reported in your application on TEACH). Your school district official can submit the NYSED Verification of Experience form and submit it directly to NYSED or they can submit a Superintendent’s Statement. 


Program Codes

School Building Leadership Initial/Professional License (Program Code: 31598)

The School Building Leadership initial license NYSED requires verified proof of your master’s degree. We advise that you check your TEACH account (Account Inquiry – Education – Verified Education) to see if it posted. If not, you will need to request an official transcript to be sent to NYSED. This license is valid for five years – in which you must obtain three years of school building leadership experience before you can apply for the professional license.

School District Leader Professional (Program Code: 31598)

The School District Leadership professional license NYSED requires verified proof of 60 graduate credits. You will need (most likely) to submit your official final Stony Brook University transcript (and possibly your Master’s degree transcript if they do not have it) to NYSED – so they can update your TEACH account.

School District Business Leader Professional (Program Code: 29335)

The School District Business Leadership professional license NYSED verified proof of 60 graduate credits. You will need to submit your official final Stony Brook University transcript and your Master’s degree transcript if they do not have it to NYSED – so they can update your TEACH account.

TEACH Application Status

To view the application status of your certificates on TEACH, navigate using the following path: Account Inquiry > Certificates > Applications > Evaluation History >View Evaluation History.

Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to make sure they have met all of NYSED’s license requirements and that they are on file. Our office ONLY handles the electronic college recommendation.

For the most up-to-date license requirements please refer to NYSED website.


Contact Information

New York State Education Department
Office of Teaching Initiatives, 5N-EB
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12234
Phone: 518-474-3901

Stony Brook University
Certification Office
2321 Computer Science Building
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4434
Phone: 631-632-7055