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Educational Leadership Program Internships

Both programs — the EDL (combined SBL/SDL) program and SDBL program — have a six-credit internship requirement. EDL students fulfill this requirement by taking EDL 585 Internship in School District/School Building Leadership and EDL 586 Seminar in School District/School Building Leadership, while SDBL students take EDL 565 School Business Internship and EDL 566 School Business Internship Seminar. The courses must be taken concurrently over the course of one semester and one summer.

The internship experience runs for 7 months which allows time for the intern to put into practice at both building and district levels what was learned in the courses regarding administrative practice. Interns are encouraged to work with multiple administrators in multiple settings.

In addition, there are field hours embedded in each course through authentic activities. These field hours and the EDL internship are typically completed within the school district in which the student works.


When am I eligible to complete the internship portion of the program?
When is the internship offered?
Where will I be able to complete my internship?
How many hours are needed to complete the EDL or SDBL internship?
When will I begin the process of applying for the internship?
What happens next after I notify Dr. Scheidet?
When do I register for the internship?
When can I begin logging hours?
I am currently in an administrative position. Will my internship be waived?