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Educational Leadership – Course Descriptions

All of the following EDL courses formerly carried a "EDL/CEQ" designator.

EDL/CEQ 501 – Educational Leadership Theory I
This course presents a study of the concepts, theories, methods, and findings dealing with how to remain abreast of research in education and acquire the extensive knowledge of learning theories, leadership theories, creative thinking, teaching, assessment, and the principles of effective schools. Materials will be drawn largely from the behavioral sciences. These will be applied to the practice of educational administration at all levels and in all settings, taking into account cultural diversity and locale.

EDL/CEQ 502 – Educational Leadership Theory II (prerequisite: EDL/CEQ 501)
The focus of this course will be on organizational behavior. Topics include: the study of roles and relationships; working well with the school staff, students, parents, and community; bureaucracy; social systems; human motivation; using resources effectively; maintaining an orderly physical environment; decision making, leadership and organizational change; communications; and the effect of community and outside influences.   

EDL/CEQ 503 – Educational Leadership Practice (prerequisites: EDL/CEQ 501 and EDL/CEQ 502)
This course helps to articulate the interrelationship between leadership theory and practice and promotes the philosophy that future school leaders should be pro-active. The course deals with administrative decision-making behavior in the context of a community. Students will use simulated materials that reflect the problems and issues of a school district. Political, social, and economic pressures, the educational needs and the establishment of high expectations for staff and students performance are considered, as well as the establishment of systems of rewards and recognition. The use of group dynamics in the decision-making process is emphasized.

EDL/CEQ 515 – School District Leadership
This course is an examination of theories and practices related to school district leadership, administration, supervision, and evaluation. Topics included are organizational structure, engaging teachers, staff, and parents in the decision-making process, curriculum, leadership, supervision, staff development, monitoring and evaluating the school's or program's performance and involving staff in making changes, mechanisms for effecting change, establishing and maintaining ongoing cooperation and collaboration between the home and the school, personnel administration, business management, and school law.

EDL/CEQ 520 - School Finance
Students will study the economic, political, and legal aspects of financing public education, from a general point of view and with specific attention to New York State. Areas considered include basic economic principles; local, state, and federal financial support; systems analysis; taxing systems; fiscal impacts of equal educational opportunities; budgeting, purchasing, accounting, reports; and communication of fiscal information. 

EDL/CEQ  525 - Managerial Accounting for the School Business Official
An overview for school district business administrators in advanced accounting, financial reporting and internal control concepts for New York State School Districts. Knowledge of advanced concepts in order to properly manage the district's finances, protect its assets and ensure compliance with Federal and State financial related laws and regulations, will assist the student in establishing credibility and respect with his or her future superintendents, School Boards and the general public. Topics in the course will be presented from both a building and district level perspective.

EDL/CEQ 528 – School Law
A study of the legal framework within which public education operates. Topics include: church-state relations, state agencies, local school boards, financing education, tort liability, teacher-personnel administration, the Taylor Law, tenure, desegregation, and the constitutional rights and freedoms of students. Due to the demands and rigor of this course's law-related content, it is strongly recommended that students avoid enrolling in another course when taking EDL/CEQ 528.

EDL/CEQ 541 – School Building Leadership  
This course focuses on the leadership and administrative roles of elementary and secondary school building leaders. Topics include: tasks of a building administrator; building organizations and staff utilization; curriculum development; evaluating the school or program performance and involving the staff in making changes; leadership; engaging teachers, staff, and parents in the decision-making process; facilities management; employee relations, student affairs; public relations; maintaining collaboration between the home and the school and school law.

EDL/CEQ 555 – Supervision of Instruction
This course covers the basic aspects of the supervisory process. Areas included are an overview of supervision, theory and research, organization and function, roles of various personnel in the supervisory process, factors influencing change, improving instruction through individuals and groups, curriculum development, effective use of learning resources and evaluating supervisory programs.

EDL/CEQ 565 - Internship in School District Business Leader
This course is a cooperatively guided leadership and administrative experience at the school district business office. Students will submit a plan of administrative, financial and budgetary tasks to the departmental internship coordinator and the school district supervisor on the district staff. Achievement will be determined against a stated list of competencies as assessed by the school district supervisor and the University supervisor. S/U Graded.

EDL/CEQ 566 - Internship Seminar for School District Business Leader
Course consists of weekly seminars for consideration of problems confronted in the area of school business administration.
Prerequisites: Departmental consent, matriculation in one of the Educational Leadership programs, and completion of all courses except EDL/CEQ 595 before enrolling in internship and seminar; co-requisite EDL/CEQ 565

EDL/CEQ 571 – School Business Administration
This course presents an examination of the duties and responsibilities of the school business administrator including an understanding of the role in relation to other members of the administrative team. Also examined during the course are other aspects of the business administrator’s work such as office management, budget procedures, financial management, accounting and auditing, purchasing and supply management, insurance programs, capital outlay and debt service, school plant operation and maintenance, food service and transportation. 

EDL/CEQ 572 – School Personnel Management
This course examines the nature, scope, and organization of the personnel function and will look at the planning process, collective bargaining (negotiations and contract administration), personnel recruitment (selection, induction, and development), effective work performance appraisal, compensation, and job security issues. An examination of the Federal and State laws and regulations that govern district personnel operations will be included.

EDL/CEQ 585 – Internship in School District/School Building Leadership (co-requisite EDL/CEQ 586)
This course is a cooperatively guided leadership experience at the school district central office level and school building level, strategically designed to immerse candidates in educational experiences that support and rely upon the information and skills attained from courses taken in the combined certification program. A plan of leadership, administration and supervisory tasks must be submitted to the internship coordinator. The internship is conducted in schools and school districts over an extended period of time. Achievement will be determined against a stated list of competencies as assessed by the school district personnel and the SBU supervisor. Field experiences are structured so that candidates gain proficiency in all twelve NY State Leadership competencies. S/U Graded.
This course is extended over 2 semesters.
*Prerequisite: Completion of all foundation and required course work. Students may not enroll themselves in EDL/CEQ 585 and EDL/CEQ 586. Students who have completed the prerequisite course work should contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Robert Scheidet, for enrollment.

EDL/CEQ 586 – Seminar in School District/School Building Leadership (co-requisite EDL/CEQ 585)
This course consists of weekly seminars for the consideration of problems and current issues confronted in the field. The internship Seminar will provide a forum for sharing insights, understanding and developing collaborative problem-solving and decision-making skills. The purpose of the Internship Seminar is to facilitate the blending of practical field experience with academic learning.
This course is extended over 2 semesters.
*Prerequisite: Completion of all foundation and required course work. Students may not enroll themselves in EDL/CEQ 585 and EDL/CEQ 586. Students who have completed the prerequisite course work should contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Robert Scheidet, for enrollment.

EDL/CEQ 595 – Educational Leadership Research Project Seminar
The goal of the Project Seminar is to teach students to understand and conduct graduate-level research that culminates in a final research paper.  
Prerequisite: Completion of all foundation and required course work.
: Students must earn a "B" or better in this course to satisfy the certificate requirement. There are no transfer credits or substitutions permitted for CED 595 Project Seminar.

CES 514 - Collective Bargaining and Arbitration in the Public Sector
This course presents an overview of the history, procedures, and problems of public sector labor relations, and comparisons with the private sector. The role of public opinion and politics in public sector bargaining will be explored. Students will role play the negotiation of a public sector contract: preparation of bargaining package, negotiation, mediation, fact-finding, arbitration. They will also prepare, present, and critique a public sector grievance case from its shop origins to its final disposition by arbitration. This course is offered as both CES 514 and MBA 514.