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Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise

Mission Statement 

Stony Brook is committed to maintaining an equitable and competitive business environment. As part of this commitment, we adhere to a comprehensive non-discrimination policy. We work to develop procedures and initiatives that will help ensure that all suppliers in our procurement programs receive fair consideration.

The supplier diversity program was established to ensure that woman-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned and have a full opportunity to compete for the University's business. The supplier diversity manager acts as a liaison between diverse suppliers and all University staff who have procurement responsibilities, continually reaffirming our commitment to diversity while developing procurement programs that are beneficial for everyone involved.

Diverse Business Classification Chart

Minority Business Enterprise: male and female business owners who are African American, Hispanic,
Native American, Native Alaskan, Asian Pacific, and Subcontinent Asian Americans (East Indian).
Minority business status requires 51% or greater ownership by minorities as well as management
and control of daily business operations, with experience or technical expertise directly related to
the primary product or service of the business.


Woman Business Enterprise:  non-minority women who own 51% or more of the business as well as
management, control and technical expertise as stated above.


Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

How to Become NYS Certified

The current NYS listing of NYS certified MWBE & SDVOB companies:

Access the latest version of the NYS Database of Certified Women and Minority Owned Businesses

Access the latest version of the NYS Database of Certified Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses


SUNY’s policy is to ensure that New York State certified MWBEs and SDVOBs are given the opportunity to provide commodities and services at competitive prices to SBU.

SUNY’s Board of Trustees has established a goal that 30% of all purchases are made with certified NYS Minority and Women Owned businesses (MWBEs) and 6% are made with certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses. See SUNY Policies 7556, 7557 & 7564 for more information.

SUNY Policy 7556 - Procurement Opportunities for New York State Certified Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses | View the Policy

SUNY Policy 7557 - Participation by Minority Group Members and Women (MWBEs) with Respect to SUNY Contracts | View the Policy

SUNY Policy 7564 - Participation by Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOBs) with Respect to State University of New York Contracts | View the Policy


NYS Article 15-A outlines NYS's MWBE Program

View the legislation

NYS Article 17-B outlines NYS's SDVOB Program

View the legislation

For further information please contact the Main Campus MWBE Liaison, Maria Bracco at (631) 632-4155 or

MWBE/SDVOB Utilization Plan/Waivers of Compliance