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State Purchasing Guidelines

Statement of Reasonableness of Prices

Price justification can include, but is not limited to:

  • The Vendor's published price list;
  • Prior invoices from this vendor to other consumers;
  • Invoices or cost sheet from prior state contracts;
  • Comparisons to other vendors' prices for similar products/services;
  • Comparison to similar purchases by other campuses;
  • Historical cost or price comparison.

Blanket Order Request

State funded Blanket Order encumbrances must be estimated for an entire fiscal year and must be submitted for each vendor. When State funded Blanket Order requests exceed $2,500.00, all appropriate SUNY Procurement procedures must be followed.

Blanket Order requests should be for annual expenditures with a specific vendor; not for one-time purchases.

Blanket Order requests should not be made for Hosted or Punch-out vendors in the Wolfmart Showcase.

Blanket Orders for all services must utilize the Service Contract form; not the Blanket Order form.

All Blanket Order requests will require end users to enter a Cost Receipt to confirm that goods have been received.

All State funded Blanket Orders will be automatically terminated on June 30th.

Supporting Documentation must be attached (i.e. Quotes, Justifications)

Purchase Approvals

In addition to departmental authorized signatures, the following approvals must be obtained prior to the submission of a purchase request to the Procurement Office:

  • Door Locks approved by: Locksmith and Building Manager
  • Radioactive, Biological Select Agents and Toxins (BSAT), approved by: Environmental Health & Safety, 2-6410
  • Live Animals approved by: Director of DLAR
  • Electronic Security Equipment approved by: Public Safety
  • Space Heaters/Air Conditioners/Electric Fans approved by: Campus Operation and Maintenance
  • Rehab or Repairs to Buildings and Facilities and Site Work Done by Outside Contractors approved by: Assistant Vice President of Campus Planning, Design and Construction
  • Communication equipment (modems, walkie-talkies etc) approved by: Police Department, Lawrence Zacarese 2-6540
  • Security Systems approved by: Don Coleman, Access Control Department
  • All vehicle purchases must be reviewed and approved by: Neil Werner, Director of Transportation & Parking Operations, Zip 2001.

Requests covering the procurement of security systems and related items/services now require the approval of Campus Operation and Maintenance, and Access Control, prior to purchase and include all items related to the installation and operation of security systems. The definition of security related items includes the following:

  • CCTV Systems (or parts or service thereof)
  • Card Access door hardware, wire, card readers, cards (prox, Mg stripe or smart cards), access software, etc.
  • Intrusion alarm systems components and replacement parts.
  • Any request for electrified door access systems (even if they are for individual doors and not part of the campus-wide system).
  • Requests for biometric ID systems used for security control.
  • Interior security systems that track people or property.
  • Computer alarm systems such as fiber optic system controlling several computers.
  • This procedure takes effect immediately and will affect State and Research Procurement transactions.