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Utilization Plan/Waivers of Compliance


Contract Number Vendor Name Project Start Date Utilization Plan or Waiver
C002165 J & J Communbications Cabling Inc. Furnish and install complete structured cabling systems 4/1/2019 Utilization Plan
C002171 Priority Exterminating & Odor Control Inc. Termite Treatment Services 6/1/2019 Full Waiver granted
C002180 BL Companies PC Utility Mark-Out Services 6/1/2019 Utilization Plan & Partial MWBE Waiver & Full SDVOB waiver
C002190 A-Dent Dental Equipment Inc. Dental equipment repair and maintenance 7/1/2019 Full Waiver granted
C002196 All Island Cleaning Corporation Emergency response to flooding, fire or water damage 6/1/2019 Utilization Plan
C002208 Paramount Pest Elimination, Inc. Integrated Pest Management Services 11/1/2019 Full Waiver granted
C002215 Park Line Asphalt Maintenance Inc. Snow Removal Services Lot 1 West Campus 11/1/2019 Utilization Plan & Partial MWBE Waiver 
C002216 Suburban Maintenance & Landscaping Inc. Snow Removal Services Lot 2 Campus Residences 11/1/2019 Utilization Plan
C002217 Inc. Job recruitment advertising services 10/1/2019 Full Waiver granted
C002218 Statewide Roofing Inc. Roofing repairs, restoration and general maintenance 11/1/2019 Utilization Plan
C002223 Eldor Contracting Corp. Regular and Emergency Electrical Repairs and Maintenance 1/1/2020 Utilization Plan & Full SDVOB Waiver
C002233 Boilermatic Welding Industries Inc. Welding services 12/1/2019 Utilization Plan
C002240 Door Automation Corp. ADA Compliant Automatic Door Operator Repair and Maintenance 6/1/2020 Utilization Plan
C002242 Foos Fire, Inc. Maintenance and Testing of the Fire Suppression System 3/1/2020 Utilization Plan
C002250 Concert Service Specialist, Inc. Security for Athletic/University Events 4/1/2020 Utilization Plan
C002257 Receivable Collection Services, LLC Collection agency services 3/1/2020 Full Waiver granted
C002270 Bureau Veritas National Elevator Inspection Services, Inc. Elevator Inspection Services 5/1/2020 Utilization Plan
C002294 Park Line Asphalt Maintenance Inc. Small paving, pothole and storm drain basin repair services 6/1/2020 Utilization Plan & Partial MWBE Waiver
C002295 Carr Business Systems Managed Print Solution for the Computing Labs 7/1/2020 Full Waiver granted
C002305 H O Penn Machinery Co. Inc. Provide Maintenance/Repair for Emergency Stand-by Generators 4/1/2020 Full Waiver granted
C002379 Enviroscience Consultants Inc. Asbestos inspection abatement 5/1/2020 Utilization Plan per Full Waiver granted
C002410 Asplundh Construction Corp., Inc. Natural gas pipeline maintenance and repair 9/1/2020 Full Waiver granted
D002360 Benchmark Construction UNITI Cultural Center in the Existing Student Union 10/20/2020 Utilization Plan
D002371 Best Climate Control Corp. AERTC Labs 213 & 215 Mechanical Renovations 8/31/2020 Utilization Plan
T002167 G & M Earth Moving Inc. Excavation Services 4/1/2019 Utilization Plan
T002183 VRAM Inc. Administration Parking Garage Repair and Preventive Maintenance 6/1/2019 Utilization Plan
T002184 Capitol Renovation Corp. Roth Quad Concrete Ramp and Stair Rehab 5/30/2019 Full Waiver granted SDVOB & MWBE
T002187 Popli Architecture & Engineering PC Chapin Apartments Structural Analysis 5/13/2019 Utilization Plan
T002200 Ramboli (Formerly O'Brien & Gere Engineers) Design Services - Replacement of the 15kV Switchgear in Level 8 of the HSC 7/1/2019 Utilization Plan
T002201 Burns Engineering, Inc Feasibility Study/Design - Identify Repairs: West Campus Utility Tunnels 9/1/2019 Utilization Plan
T002214 Boilermatic Welding Industries Inc. East Campus Boiler #1 Replacement Project 11/6/2019 Utilization Plan
T002238 LiRo Engineers Inc. Design Services: Main Switchgear & 69kV Transformer Replacement 12/1/2019 Utilization Plan
T002259 Andy Frain Services Inc. Ushers/Staff for Athletic/University Events 4/1/2020 Utilization Plan
T002274 Ultimate Power Inc. Atlantic Hall Upper Floor Mechanical Renovations 3/2/2020 Utilization Plan
T002275 Thornton Tomasetti, Inc. Toll Drive Residence Hall Building Envelope Assessment 4/1/2020 Full Waiver granted MWBE & SDVOB
T002276 Graf & Lewent Architects Nassau Hall Renovation 4/1/2020 Utilization Plan
T002289 G & M Earth Moving Inc Repair and maintenance of domestic water valves 4/1/2020 Utilization Plan
T002365 Best Climate Control Corp. Earth Space & Science Mechanical Renovations 6/22/2020 Utilization Plan
T002432 Richard McElhiney Architect, LLC Rehabilitation of Infill Admin & Library Improvements 10/1/2020 Utilization Plan & Partial SDVOB Waiver
T002568 Greenman- Pedersen Inc Design Services - Administration Overflow Parking Lot Expansion 11/1/2020 Utilization Plan
T002589 American Electrical Testing Low Voltage Electric Repairs 1/1/2021 Full Waiver