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Strategic Planning

A formal institutional strategic plan is a critical component of Stony Brook University's long- and short-term plans for addressing our three critical pillars: Academic Greatness, Operational Excellence, and Building for the Future.

Stony Brook University's new president, Maurie McInnis, will lead the formulation of a new strategic plan in the near future.  During the interim period, the University is focusing on the following goals:

  • Implement innovative strategies to facilitate the success, accomplishment, and advancement of faculty, staff, and students, while also promoting diversity and inclusive excellence throughout our University.
  • Continue our commitment to excellence in research and scholarship throughout the academic enterprise.
  • Increase access to Stony Brook University, including the number of undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented minority groups, while enhancing student quality and implementing strategies to improve retention and graduation rates.
  • Build and manage our operations in ways that are efficient and sustainable, demonstrating prudent stewardship of all resources (human, financial, and environmental).
  • Provisioning excellent, state-of-the-art, accessible health care for our region, state, and nation.

SBU's Comprehensive Strategic Plan was updated in 2019.

As area strategic plans​ are updated, they will be updated on this webpage and denoted with an asterisk (*). 

College of Arts and Sciences * (web, pdf)

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences(web, pdf)

College of Business  (pdf, ppt)

International Academic Programs (pdf)

Libraries (web)

School of Communication and Journalism (pdf)

School of Dental Medicine (web)

School of Health Professions (pdf)

School of Medicine * (web)

School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences * (web)

School of Nursing  (pdf)

School of Professional Development (pdf)

School of Social Welfare (pdf)

Student Experience(pdf)