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Renaming Buildings, Structures and Spaces Committee

July 21, 2020: President McInnis announces creation of the committee to help develop principles that can guide our future process for renaming any building, space, or structure on our campus.  Read the message

Committee's Charge

Stony Brook University is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and academic freedom, and providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for our campus community ― students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners. This commitment is integral to Stony Brook’s mission. Naming campus spaces for an individual or an organization is a high honor that forges a special link between the namesake and the University. That special link must be consistent with the University’s mission.

Stony Brook recognizes that the name of certain features of the University may be challenged as inconsistent with its mission. Under such circumstances, a review will proceed under an established process to determine whether a renaming should be recommended. A renaming will be an exceptional event and can only occur following a thorough and transparent examination that considers many criteria and demonstrates a compelling need for the change.

View a history of  Stony Brook University buildings presented to the committee on Oct. 16, 2020

Committee Members

angel gonzales

Angel Gonzales
Program Manager
Center for Inclusive Education

chi yong won

Chi-Yong Won
Office of the President
Administrative Liaison

jennifer anderson

Jennifer Anderson
Department of History

judi brown clarke

Judi Brown Clarke - Chair
VP of Equity & Inclusion
Chief Diversity Officer

karian wright

Karian Wright
Program Manager
Center for Inclusive Education

kelly dowling

Kelly Dowling
Assistant Dean for Advancement

kristen nyitray

Kristen Nyitray
Associate Librarian
University Libraries

lynda perdoma ayala

Lynda Perdomo Ayala
Pharmacological Sciences

margaret sheryll

Margaret Sheryll
Southampton Operations Coord.

marrisa trachtenberg

Marrisa Trachtenberg
Office of the President
Legal Liaison

michael lenmark

Michael Lenmark
Graduate Student

paul kelton

Paul Kelton
Gardiner Chair in American History

Jay Levenson
Library Clerk
Access & User Services

Caitlin Garcia
Undergraduate Student

Kayla Thompson
Undergraduate Student

Shiloh Germain
Undergraduate Student


University Policy Examples

SUNY’s Naming Opportunities on State University Campuses Policy: This policy establishes general guidelines for the permanent “naming of things” on campuses of the State University of New York.

Oklahoma State University:  Policy and Procedures: Consideration Of Removing Names of Facilities, 2019

Oregon State University:  Recommendations to the Architectural Naming Committee for a Renaming Request Evaluation Process, 2017

Stanford University:  Principles and Procedures for Renaming Buildings and Other Features at Stanford University

University of Michigan:  President’s Advisory Committee on University History, Committee Views on Possible Review of University Space Names, 2017

University of Minnesota:  Report of the Task Force on Building Names and Institutional History, 2019

Yale University:  Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming Report, 2016