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Introducing the Project REACH Visioning Committee

February 16, 2022

Dear Faculty, Students, and Staff,

2022 promises to be a year of recognition, opportunity, and growth for Stony Brook University. As you no doubt know, earlier in January, Governor Hochul designated Stony Brook a “flagship” of the SUNY system, a recognition of our cutting-edge research and academic excellence and a promise of additional support to advance our mission. Similarly, the potential to serve as the anchor academic institution of the Governors Island Center for Climate Solutions speaks to both the tremendous opportunity it could create as well as public acknowledgment for what we already know — that Stony Brook is the premier source of innovation, ambition, academic achievement, and public service in the region.

These positive developments happened because Stony Brook has the people, a purpose, and a plan. Now we are harnessing that same talent, creativity, and energy in our community to fuel our strategic planning process: Project REACH will redefine and update our institutional mission, create an inspiring vision for this university, and develop a strategic plan.

While we are on the right track and building momentum, we need a new strategic plan to help us achieve our goals and meet our ambitions. All members of our community will have a role to play in this process as we begin not only to imagine, but also plan for what Stony Brook can be in the next decade. There are five organizing principles on which our success must be anchored:  

§  Providing the highest-quality educational experience to foster success and achievement for every student

§  Pioneering breakthroughs in research and medicine

§  Forging new pathways to social and economic equity

§  Bringing accessible, innovative, and state-of-the-art healthcare to our community; and

§  Creating inclusive economic development through the power of partnership

These five ideals represent the heart of Stony Brook University and characterize our purpose in the state, our country, and the world. The Visioning Committee will create explorer groups to identify areas of opportunity and growth within these and will serve as the nexus of campus-wide collaboration. From more than 130 impressive applications, 20 members have been selected to serve on the Visioning Committee. With gratitude for their inspiring proposals and their long-term commitment to Project REACH, please join me in congratulating:

Dayashree Baskaran
College of Arts and Sciences (undergraduate student)
Patricia Bruckenthal
School of Nursing (faculty)
Kacy Bullard
Advancement (staff)
Brian Colle
SoMAS (faculty)
Carlos Colosqui
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Statistics; Center for Mesoscale Transport Properties (faculty)
Liliana M. Davalos
College of Arts and Sciences, Ecology and Evolution (faculty)
Amanda Flanagan
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Mechanical Engineering (staff)
Samantha Fuller
Renaissance School of Medicine (graduate student)
Robert Harrison
Institute for Advanced Computational Science/Applied Mathematics and Statistics (faculty)
Danling Jiang
College of Business (faculty)
Anthony Machuca
College of Arts and Sciences (Psychology and Sociology) School of Health Professions (Health Science Dosimetry Concentration) (undergraduate student)
Smita Majumdar Das
Center for Prevention and Outreach (staff)
Thomas Manuel
College of Arts and Sciences, Music, (Jazz) (faculty)
Dawn Medley
Office of the Provost, Enrollment Management (staff)
Edder Peralta
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) (staff)
Joanie Schreiber
School of Health Professions (staff)
Daniel Waxman
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering (graduate student)
Jennie Williams
Renaissance School of Medicine, Family, Population and Preventive Medicine (faculty)
Stanislaus Wong
College of Arts and Sciences, Chemistry (faculty)
Urszula Zalewski
Career Center (staff)
Meet Members of the Visioning Committee

Project REACH is designed to gather and connect ideas from all corners of our community, and tap the creativity and ingenuity of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners. There will be many ways to contribute meaningfully and you will hear more in the weeks and months ahead. Please bookmark Project REACH and check in for updates on joining Explorer Groups and Campus Reading Groups, as well as more information on Project REACH’s milestones and project plan.

We are One Stony Brook and there are tremendous opportunities ahead. No matter your experience, field of study, or role at the university, be a part of shaping our future and charting our path forward.


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Maurie McInnis