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BNL/SPIR Graduate Student Support

While we encourage that the Chair act as the Principal Investigator (PI) at SBU, if the student works at SBU, as well as under the guidance of a Joint Appointment (JA), the JA can be the PI at SBU, but BNL needs to be made aware so that a different PI/Dept Chair can be assigned at BNL. 

SPIR industrial internships are coordinated through the SPIR Program Director and designated faculty coordinators. Their contact information ans sample proposal forms/SPIR Internship Agreements can be accessed here

For BNL graduate student research training proposals, and all other off-campus undergraduate or graduate internships/research training opportunities, the PI will be the student’s home department Chair or a full-time faculty within the department designated by the Chair, preferably a Graduate or Undergraduate Program Director.  The SBU PI will have to be knowledgeable of the project where the intern will work, and coordinate the scope of work and budget with the designated mentor at the internship/research site, keeping in mind the student’s academic interests and responsibilities at SBU. The PI is also responsible for the administrative management of the resulting awards. 

NOTE: Students are working on BNL projects not SBU projects.  They only require appointments to payroll, and there is no budget management.   The SBU PI is appointed because a student cannot be the PI of a grant  (same as any other fellowship or training grant to a student or postdoc).    In general, the SBU PI should be able to address any concerns that a student may have (advocate for the student) if there are issues with their BNL work or BNL mentor.    The SBU PI shouldn't be contributing to the BNL project by advising the student - it is a ceremonial PI position rather than an applied PI position.  If it is their project at BNL, then they can be the BNL PI or they can participate in the BNL project from their BNL role (whatever that appointment may be). 

Sample BNL student support proposal package can be accessed here. We strongly encourage you to submit new and continuation proposals through myResearch at least 4 weeks prior to the desired student employment start date.

Budget must includes: graduate student salary, fringe benefits, tuition and , since work is performed at BNL, the off-campus F&A of 26%. 

For any questions, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at