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Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) Subawards 



In 1986,  a demonstration project (FDP I) was initiated by 5 federal agencies to reduce unnecessary administrative burdens on sponsored research. As of 2020, FDP consists of 129 member institutions, 26 emerging research institutions, and 10 Federal agencies enrolled in the project. More uniform procedures for the administration of grants, simplification of the continuation grant application, and elimination of equipment screening requirements as some of the mosre significant accomplishments of FDP, currently in Phase VI.

As a result of SBU's participation in this program, certain administrative documentation required of either potential subrecipient institutions included in SBU proposals (Outgoing Subawards) or of SBU when acting as a subrecipient on another institution’s proposal (Incoming Subawards), has been streamlined.

Documentation Requirements

Participating institutions need to provide project specific data via a Letter of Intent or modified Subrecipient Commitment Form. Subrecipient PI name, project period, proposed amount, cost share amount (if applicable),  compliance, research authorized signature are just some examples of information required. Statement of Work, budget, budget justification, biosketches are generally documents that SBU is required to provide to partnering institutions on incoming subawards, or is requesting from partnering institutions for inclusion in SBU proposals for outgoing subawards.

Whom to Contact

- Jackie Dent, for all Incoming Subaward proposal submissions - SBU to another university to Federal agencies

- The team of Grants and Contract Specialists for all Incoming and Outgoing subawards. 


More information for Outgoing Subawards processes, visit the Subawards webpage.



NEW: The presentations from the September 2020 FDP Meeting can be accessed here