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Non-profit, Foundation and Gift (Sub)Agreements  

The Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for processing sponsored research agreements with private foundations and other nonprofit organizations, and also supports the research community by reviewing and submitting applications to non-profit and foundation organizations.

Non-Profit/Foundation sponsors may have a published or restricted F&A rate,. Our institution will accept such rate, but proof of the sponsor's published and universally-applied policy confirming their limited rate must be included at proposal stage through a myResearch proposal application. 

  • IMPORTANT: Some Non-Profit/Foundation sponsors do not require institutional endorsement. It's important that you always route these proposals to OSP through myResearch, and don't wait until award stage for your initial contact with your OSP Specialist, when either an Agreement or payment is provided by the sponsor.
  • Note that some of these agreements, such as Gifts, may be administrated by Stony Brook Foundation. 

A Gift is defined as any item of value given by a donor who expects nothing of significant value in return, other than recognition and disposition of the gift in accordance with the donor's wishes. In general, the following characteristics describe a gift:

  • No contractual requirements are imposed and there are no "deliverables" to the donor. However, the gift may be accompanied by an agreement that restricts the use of the funds to a particular purpose.

  • A gift is irrevocable . While the gift may be intended for use within a certain timeframe, there is no specified period of performance or start and stop dates.
  • There is no formal fiscal accountability to the donor.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Gift awards must be approved and managed by the Stony Brook Foundation (SBF) with the exception of gift awards where the activity involves compliance approvals (such as use of human subjects, laboratory animals, radiological hazards, recombinant DNA). Read SBF's gift  policy   and contact our office you have questions.


Gift Agreement Template