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Key Information & Guidance

Navigating the NIH

The NIH Center for Scientific Review developed this resource to help clarify the application process, highlighting institution- and investigator-specific information, including key actions that must be taken well in advance of application submission. (Posted April 20, 2023) 

Review the How To Apply  - Application Guide

The NIH Grants & Funding website hosts various guides to help Investigators and Administrators in preparing, writing and submitting their application.  Information and guidance covers such topics as understanding FOAs,  types of NIH Applications, learning how to write a strong application, developing your budget,  how to format attachments, and much more.  Be certain to bookmark and visit the NIH How to Apply Application Guide Website!

Watch the NIH How To Apply Video Tutorials

The NIH Grants & Funding website features a How to Apply video tutorial series on applications that will take you through  an overview of the process, preparing your application, writing your application and submitting. Whether you are a new Investigator/Department Administrator or simply want a refresher, be sure to watch the NIH How to Apply Video Tutorial series.

Understand NIH Notices of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs)

NIH advertises availability of grant support through notices of funding opportunities (NOFOs) - previously referred to as funding opportunity. Search for a funding opportunity specific to your area of interest or apply to a generic parent announcements.

  • Use the instructions in the funding opportunity in conjunction with the application guide to prepare your application. If instructions conflict, follow the funding opportunity.
  • Pay attention to notices posted in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. Notices may highlight topics of special interest to NIH or update key aspects of funding opportunities. Guidance included in notices supersedes guidance in the funding opportunity and application guide.
  • There is not a generic application form package that can be downloaded and used for all grant application submissions. You must use the application form package associated with the funding opportunity to which you are applying. Access the opportunity-specific form package through your chosen submission method (ASSIST, institutional system-to-system solution, Workspace). Learn more Link to Non-U.S. Government Site - Click for Disclaimer
  • Make sure that the NIH Institute or Center that might be interested in your research is listed as a participating organization in the funding opportunity. Notices of special interest may identify NIH Institutes or Centers participating in the notice initiative that are not listed in the funding opportunity used for submission.
  • Return to the funding opportunity to check the Related Notices section before submission to ensure you are in line with the most recent guidance.
  • Pay particular attention to the review criteria and write your application keeping these review criteria in mind. 
  • Take a tour of an annotated opportunity for tips and key information.

All About Grants Podcasts

The Office of Extramural Research (OER) talks to NIH staff members about the ins and outs of NIH funding. Designed for investigators, fellows, students, research administrators, and others just curious about the application and award process, the NIH provides insights on grant topics from those who live and breathe the information. Episodes are available as mp3s for download here, via iTunes, or via RSS feed.   Topics include: Preparing to Apply, Developing a Successful Grant Application, Advice for New and Early Career Scientists, Submitting Your Application, Peer Review, Post-Award Activities and Requirements, and more!

Get guidance for addressing rigor and reproducibility in your application

NIH is committed to supporting the best and most rigorous science.