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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Ookami?

Ookami is a testbed  for  researchers nationwide to explore future supercomputing technologies and to advance computational and data-driven research on pressing science challenges.

Unique and novel features include:

  • First access for US research and first planned install of A64fx outside of Japan
  • First CPU worldwide with on-package high bandwidth memory (1 TB/s, 82% peak measured on STREAM triad is 8x Sky Lake socket)
  • First CPU worldwide to implement the ARM scalable vector extensions with multiple features to facilitate auto-vectorization
  • High CPU performance (2.76dpTFLOP/s, dgemm 94% peak) balanced to match memory speed giving ~0.4 bytes/dpFLOP is unparalleled in modern CPUs (4.6x Sky Lake, 3x NVIDIA V100)
  • Green technology with high power efficiency.

What does this mean for science? Compared with the best CPUs anticipated for the deployment era, A64fx offers 2-4x better performance on memory-intensive applications such as sparse-matrix solvers found in many engineering and physics codes. For nearly all other applications performance is also better or competitive. 


Getting Started

How do I request an Ookami account?
How do I get a project on Ookami?
How do I log into Ookami?
How do I enroll in DUO Security?
Getting Started Guide



Can you give me an example of a Slurm job script?
How do I control threads and CPUs on Ookami using Slurm?
How do I control threads and CPUs on Ookami using MPI flags?
How do I control threads and CPUs on Ookami using OpenMP?
How can I submit, delete, and check the status of Slurm jobs?
How do I handle output from my job?
How do I submit interactive jobs?



What are the login nodes?
What are modules?
What are the Ookami queues?


What software is installed on Ookami?
Using Open OnDemand



How can I use the ARM compilers?
How can I use the Cray compilers?
How can I use the GCC compilers?
How can I use the Fujitsu compilers?
How can I use the AMD compilers?
How can I use the NVIDIA compilers?



What are the Ookami storage options?
How do I make sure permissions are set properly in my project space?


Useful flags for vectorization
Simple example: Vectorization for different compilers
Profiling tools on Ookami




How should I acknowledge the Ookami in my publication?
Are there HIPAA concerns associated with Ookami?
How do I reset my Ookami password?
How do I set up passwordless SSH?
How do I transfer files to and from Ookami?
What does "Connection reset by peer" or "Your account has been locked out" mean?
What does "WARNING: LD_LIBRARY_PATH_modshare exists..." mean?
Getting troubleshooting help
How can I monitor Ookami's usage?
How to fix common login issues
How can I check I monitor the power consumption of my job?